Friday, January 24, 2014

Funny things they "say"

We went to the Y today. The boys have swim lessons.  I guess they don't like the dressing rooms. As we pulled into the parking lot Tommy pipes up and says "Ok Charlie! Just take dad's hand and close your eyes". Yeah, I wouldn't want to see a bunch of naked old men either!!!

Penny's hair is finally long enough for "tony tails" that kid. 

Whenever Penny gets one of her sippy cups and it has beads of water running down the side she says, "Mama, there are raindrops on my cup!"

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wash me a new

Trent has been traveling a bit the last two weeks. That coupled with 2 extra days off of school for the kids, a birthday party and a killer migraine, left me a bit frazzled. Really it was the migraine that prompted me to send out an SOS text to my girls begging for prayers for my sanity.  I can kind of laugh about it now that it has passed....kind of ;)

Motherhood is hard sometimes, just plain hard.  Usually, I am the one that makes it most difficult though.  Comparing myself to what "other" mothers accomplish or do is really the evil of all things. And when I get overwhelmed with what I have NOT done, that is when the ugly, not so nice, cranky, needing to apologize later for MY bad behavior, Mommy comes rearing her ugly head!

And so while my friends were hitting their knees all over the city for me, I hit mine.  I knew the reason that my tank was empty.  Sure, a migraine, a traveling husband and extra activities didn't help, but really I was floundering in the sea of life because I had not knelled before Him in several days.  I needed to run back to Him in the quiet of my room, to reconnect if even for a few moments.  He met me there, right where I was, just like He always does. He washed me a new, clean like the snow and I was able to then be the mommy I so badly want to be.

The next day the children, one by one came down with a tummy ache.  I did a crazy thing, I kept them all home from school.  They could of gone to school and muddled through their day but I felt the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me to keep them close.  And so I did. We stayed in our jammies all day.  Daddy brought us gingerale, soup and ice cream for lunch. We rented  a movie and snuggled on the couch.  We napped and woke up at dinner time.  It was such a great day and I was grateful that I had listened and obeyed.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bear turns 9

Nine years ago this boy stole our hearts and made us parents.  We were chosen to be HIS mom and dad. To love him, raise him, care for and provide for him. 
Nine Things I LOVE About Charlie:
1. He truly is the sweetest kid and wants to please.
2. He has the most incredible laugh.
3. He is beyond creative and amazes us with all the incredible things that he draws and makes.
4. He is sensitive.
5.  He is so much fun to be around and to do things with.
6. He tries really hard to be a good friend and wants to include everyone.
7. He loves his baby brother and sister.
8. He marches to his own drum.
9. He loves Jesus and isn't afraid to tell others about how awesome God is.

God made you perfectly in His image.  We pray that the gifts that God has given you will only mature and grow stronger.  We love everything about you and are so excited to see what this year holds for you.  I tell you all the time to stop growing and your sweet response is "I can't Mom.  But I will always be your baby!".  You better believe it kid!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Break 2014

The boys went back to school yesterday.  They had had two weeks off for Christmas and then an additional two snow days.  The temperatures were frigid.

We did a lot over their break and then we did nothing at all.  It was a good balance.
Penny saw The Grinch for the first time this year.  She is obsessed.  So much so I had to run out and purchase both the movie and the show.  Throughout the day she will bust into character and my sweet three year old turns into The Grinch.  Cracks me up!
the boys playing pokemon and being super sweet to one another
 We were stuck inside a lot because it was too cold to go outside. Like -12 too cold.  We had to be creative to keep the cabin fever away!
wrestle mania

  Every day was a good day for a dance party. Especially when Daddy joined in! He is the best daddy. He does everything and anything for these babies.  They are so blessed that God choose this man to be their Daddy.
I love having all the children home.  The slower pace, no schedule or lunches to be packed.  Easy lunches together and snuggles all day. 
long, lazy lunches ;)
By Tuesday we were all ready to get out of the house and off to school they went.  I was sad to see them go but also grateful for the long days together.  It just made me excited for summer break.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years 2014

Our little family stayed home, warm and together to bring in the New Years.  Actually, we didn't do anything special but tuck the children into bed at the regular hour, eat some takeout and call it a night. Trent and I actually saw the ball drop this year.  I love the way that man dances!!!
I asked Trent to send me the photo from NYE. Apparently he felt that this is the BEST picture of us on that night. Silly boy.

I have to be honest, this year is a blur.  I can only think of good things so that is a plus, but the months kind of blend together.  I really think it was the medication I was on.  Thank goodness that is behind me! 

We took the children to the movies last night.  It was Penny's very first.  She was just precious perched on Trent's lap with her little arm tucked behind her head.  I looked over my little family and was so proud and full of love for each of them.  I am so blessed to be Trent's wife and the mother of these three beautiful kids.  There is no place I would rather be.

I just sense that there are going to be some fantastic things happen in '14.  


I have been busy organizing life.  
One of my goals this Christmas break is to get all our photos together and print out books for 2012 & 2013.  
I love finding these snapshots from when the kids confiscate my camera. Tommy is the main culprit.  He makes me laugh.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

 There is something magical about Christmas morning.  The awe, the wonder, the magic. Even if it does begin at 4:30am :)
 I love my sweet boys.
 Santa WAS here!
 Charlie's favorite gifts: Skylanders, Pokemon and Mario Kart
 Tommy's favorites: DRUMS, Red Ranger Samaria Power Ranger costume
 Penny: Calico Critters car
 Look at that face.  We will endure all the Noise music for the joy that it brings this fella.
 Doctor Penny to the rescue.
After presents we put the turkey in and took a nap. A LONG nap and then ate, and ate.  It was perfect!