Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 We took the family camping a few weeks ago.  Penny stayed with us until after dinner and then Nana came and picked her up for the night.  She slept all nice and warm in her own bed while we slept, all four in one sleeping bag, freezing in 30 degree temps with the boys...who were complete troopers.
 Penny loved walking the trails and picking "flowers".  She LOVED being out in the woods.
 Penny was ready for bed and hung out with Daddy and Charlie until Nana came to get her.

 The boys had the BESTtime ever!  They got a long so well.  They didn't fight or argue, it was amazing. They worked together as a team to collect tons of fire wood and had a great time going on hikes together.
 Daddy made his incredible apple, spice cake in the dutch oven.  It is the best cake ever.  The boys just loved every minute of our camping night and can't wait to go back.  Neither can we!

Best friends with their "lovies" who are also best friend.  Precious!

I am so thankful that Trent introduced us to camping and has such enthusiasm for doing it together as a family.  I love that we can create these memories for our family and watch as the children bond even closer to one another.