Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Charlie's Playground World/ Hot Wheels 5th Birthday Party

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Charlie!!
Waiting patiently for the CAKE

Charlie and Tommy had a great time taking their friends for a ride

Aren't these guys precious!!
Ryan and Ricky

Peyton being spotted by Grandpa

Brandon had a great time bouncing the little ones on the trampoline, he is such a sweet kid!

Tommy on the slide

Mommy and Grandpa

Charlie had a great time at his party and I think all of his friends did too. They played and ate cake and ice cream and ran around after each other. It was a lot of fun to watch them!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 years ago

Five years ago tonight Trent drove me downtown to the University Hospital, our last stop was in Little Italy where I finished off my Single with Cheese while he stepped out to have a last smoke. Minutes later around 9pm I was in a hospital gown being induced. We slept most of the night, soundly.

We awoke the next morning to excitement and anticipation of what was to come. A new little bundle of joy all our own. Would his name be Carter or Reese, Charlie or Peter? Those were the contenders. I was pulling for Charlie, Carter had been shot down months before. Trent wanted Reese. Charlie was my favorite and a name that had followed me through my life manifesting itself in different ways. First a favorite Amish work horse, then my very own handcrafted foal from my Dad, later it was a little blonde headed kiddo that I babysat and adored. Peter, I just like Peter.

Hours slipped by, until early evening set in. Mom waited outside the room as my modesty wouldn't allow anyone else there. Besides having a child is so personal, and we had chosen that we wanted it to be just us. We needed that bonding moment, just Trent, I and our baby. She was happy to oblige.

The moment came and I awkwardly pushed. My epidural was amazing so much in fact that I could barely feel the contractions. 45 minutes later shoulders were stuck and help was! Not knowing what was going on, not even having time to process the situation and there was a nurse on top of me shoving my belly with all her might. Instant birth, instant baby screaming.

Our boy was here. I was shocked, amazed, overwhelmed, filled with joy and love for my child, for my husband, for my God.

Perfect in all ways, he looked at me. This is him? I thought. The kicks came from these legs and elbows protruded from my stomach. We made him? He came from me? I birthed him? I was in awe.

Trent was amazing and helped, encouraged and loved me during the birth. I loved him even more the day that our first son was born.

5 years ago today you were born, my dear sweet Charlie. My life forever changed in a moment when I looked into your eyes. And our family was born with your birth.

5 years have gone by far to fast. You amaze me daily with your words, your actions and your love. I thank God everyday, sometimes several times a day for the gift of your life. I know that you do not belong to us, that we are only here to love you, teach you and raise you the way God would have us do. I cherish the moments I have with you.

I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You are loving and kind, eager to learn, full of energy and the cutest little kitty that we know. We are truly blessed to be able to see your smile each day, to feel your little arms around our necks and to have the joy of raising you.

We are better because of you.

May your days be many and may they always be filled with a deep love for and faith in Jesus!

I love you little Kitty!