Friday, February 27, 2009

The Art of Goodnight

Sometimes the days muddle into one another. Yesterday mixes with tomorrow and today is a faint memory. I lose precious moments, priceless phrases, a smile that brings tears to my eyes. There are to many to write down, more then I can simply remember. There are countless daily acts that make my heart full.

But tonight I can't, I won't forget the Art of Goodnight!

Many months ago the act of bedtime became tedious, almost torture for our weary bodies and minds. The mere goal was lights out, however that could be accomplished! We had diverted from our strict routine, given into to many nightly requests and now felt the wrath of manipulation. If I hated bedtime, then I can only imagine how the wee people felt being tucked in by the Incredible Grouches!

I knew things couldn't continue the way they were. But how could we transition from day to night in a fun and loving way? And that is when I discovered the Art of Goodnight. It would of been easier had it been a book I picked up at the local library, but no such luck. This technique came to us simply by accident, some of us have perfected it better then others, but we are all just mere students.

And before tonight, our beloved bedtime rituals, yes I said beloved!, didn't carry a name. But as I sat rocking Thing #2, eating his face, feeling his arms wrap around my head, hearing the laughter bellow from his belly, the name hit me. As I cradled Thing #1 in my arms, nibbled on his nose, purred into his ear, the name stuck.

You see, the Art of Goodnight is about laughter, about love. We want our children to know how much we love them each and every night. We want them to snuggle into bed and close their eyes with a smile on their face. We want them to be happy as they drift into sleep.

Granted, some nights are about how fast teeth can be brushed, bottoms cleaned and books read. But more times then not I cherish those last few minutes of the day. A time to reflect and to laugh, to cuddle and to love.

Last night as I was about to put Char to bed we snuggled in Daddy and Mommy's bed. He looked up at me with those brilliant blue eyes, held his Lovie close, and said "Mommy, I want to snuggle everyday long", I want to snuggle "everyday long" too!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Our NEWEST adventure has been of the camping sort. We have had an overwhelming love for anything camping, camping tents, "gear" bags, little stoves that have pretend pop up flames, harmonicas, blankets thrown over anything to make "the tent", you name we want it!
Many a lazy Saturday afternoon has been spent with boys and their father "playing" camping. Even the Lovie has had to come along!
We pretend to be sleeping, well most of us do, we make lunch, we go on adventures with gear bags packed with utility knives (of the plastic variety of course!), wristband compass (Grandma Candace the camping set is "SO cool" per Sir Charles), and a homemade map made by the one true "camper", Daddy!
Actually, I have to take yet another moment to display my love for my honey, brag, mention, or pat him on the back, however you want to take it...but this man IS incredible!! I came home one day to find that he had drawn a map of our downstairs, complete with camp site and Charlie had it proudly displayed on the bookshelf after he was saying "SEE how cool my Dada is!". And can I just tell you about my "camping" Christmas present that I am now the proud owner of! Several weeks before Christmas, and after months of Trent's new found interest in camping had resurfaced, he was talking about how he couldn't wait to take the boys camping. Not just at some camp ground that is equipped with an under ground pool, but camping of the REAL kind, the SURVIVAL kind. Being outnumbered in the gender pool, I was feeling a bit left out, would I be invited on these "guy" trips, these fabulous family bounding times? His assurance didn't convince me and I was left to accept the fact that boys need time with JUST their Dads. I was fine with it, grateful actually that our sons HAVE such an involved, thoughtful Dad! Ok, so I am getting to the Christmas present, really I am! So on Christmas morning I was handed a slim light weight object wrapped in "Trent style". I eagerly opened my prize possession and was delighted to find my reflection staring back at me with a note attached "So, that Mommy can put her makeup on when we go camping!". I am sure that there will be PLENTY of guy excursions, I hope that there IS!! However, I KNOW that I am invited and WILL joyfully partake in our family camping trips! I guess I AM one of the guys!
Building a stove fire with Dada and "cooking" lunch. The guys on their 1st camping trip!

"A little QUIET please!!"

Perched in his carseat amoungst books, a slew of musical toys, half eaten snacks that are crushed and rubbed methodically into the grey carpet, atop of a screeching brother who is desperately trying to sing "You are my sunshine" (even though he can't say any of the words yet!) I hear a little voice. He starts off in a quiet voice, a technique Daddy and I have been trying with little brother when we want to get his attention, "Could we have some quiet...please". Screeching continues from the brown eyed brother. In the rear view mirror I see his frustration mounting. Up goes the hand in the "Stop" kind of way, so Mommy, "Tommy isn't havin quiet time Mama!!", voice is now a scream, he knows to be heard he must or otherwise his little words will be lost in his brother's ramblings. "Quiet!!!!"....please!"

He is so polite in his requests! Yet, they don't produce the quiet that he so longs for. Mama hushes the wee one, for a minute, maybe a minute thirty, but then the screeching begins all over.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

At this very moment I am thankful for:

The ability to communicate with my husband
My beautiful children
That freedom from cc debt is in sight!!
That the sun is shining
That I am getting to know more people at church
That Charlie was so helpful at lunch
That the laundry is almost done
That we are having steak tonight on our in house "date night"
That I get to spend the night with my love
That we are all healthy
The fact that God is always with me

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks Baby!

Did I mention that I have the most wonderful husband? That after (almost) 5 years of marriage, two kids later, a mortgage, and a multitude of other responsibilities, that this man still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks in the room! He is absolutely delish and I just love every inch of him, hairy tummy and all!!

He HAS to be the most grounded, relaxed, stable person that I know!! He has a way of settling my world on its axis when rotation is a little wound. He has a way of saying the funniest things with a straight face when honestly, he wasn't even trying to be funny. His humor is dry and I love it!

Sure, life throws life at you, and we all get stressed, my Honey Trent is not the exception to the rule. He has his moments of Grouch, lazy boy didn't pick up his dirty socks off the floor, I want to sleep until noon like when I was a kid, he is only human, people...really! I know, I know, there have been MANY a moment when I too thought he was superhuman or something! He just has that way on us Earthlings!

Despite his, "gasp" humanness (is that even a word?), he is TRULY a wonderful person and I TRULY feel blessed to have this man in my life!!

So "Thanks Baby!! For ALL you do, for HOW wonderful you are....and oh yeah, for the roses too!"

I love you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introducing the artist formerly known as.....Charlie!!

We would like to proudly introduce the newest photographer to bless these parts....Mr. Charles!! sitting (as he put it) "criss cross applesauce" with his furry friend, Sammie! You know, he IS 4 now, so he certainly can handle Mom's camera!

Go get em killer, you are a natural!!

(check out the socks...too cute!)


3am wake up call
marble cake
sunshine girl
cha ching!
new talent
all a buzz, building airports
melt down
daddy caves
stinky toes
long eye lashes
toot toots
hand, hand, fingers, thumb, one thumb, one thumb.....
you are my sunshine
rock a bye little kitty

full, happy, life!

The Night Mr. Ratchet came to town.....

Procrastinating the inevitable bedtime I was asked to tell a story and hence the adventures of Mr. Ratchet. Not a remarkable story by any means but as I finished Char said "Mommy, that was the GREATEST story, tell again!" Thanks kiddo, you just made my day!

Mr. Ratchet was the adventurous type and always up for having fun! He was packing his suitcase, eager about his trip to Timbucktwo. In his suitcase he put some shampoo, underpants, peanut butter, and his Lovie. He then drove his little car to the airport where he got on an airplane and flew ALL the way over to Timbucktwo.

Now, Timbucktwo was mostly a jungle. And in that jungle there lived many animals. There was the fierce Lion, "RRRRRROOAAR", and there was a bird "SQQQWAK", and a monkey "Hooo, Hooo, Haaaa", and a Cow "Moooo". Now Cows don't typically live in a jungle, they usually live on a?....Farm. But not this cow, she lived in the jungle of Timbucktwo.

So, Mr. Rachet traveled all around Timbucktwo. He rode through the long rivers on a boat "vrrrrooom", around the twisty curvy trails on a donkey "he haw, he haw", and through the cities on a bouncy jeep "beep beep".

And on his adventure, Mr. Rachet stopped at a hospital to see if there were any people that he could help. The hospital was filled with people, one person had a bandage on their head, one person had a head ache and one person had diarrhea...ewwww. Well, Mr. Ratchet knew that he certainly could not help the person with diarrhea...ewwww, but then he saw something rather odd, a monkey in the hospital. The Monkey's name was Simon.

"Come here little monkey, why are you in the hospital" said Mr. Ratchet. "hoo, hoo, haaa, eeee" said the Monkey holding up his little paw. "Let me help you" Said Mr. Ratchet and he began to pull little bottles and white bandages from his black bag. He put some lotion the Simon's paw and wrapped it with a bandage. Simon felt much better. "There you go Simon, now you can go home to your family" "hhhheeee, heee, ho" said Simon looking rather sad. "Oh, you don't have any place to go? Well, you can come home with me!"

And with that Mr. Ratchet and Simon rode the bouncy jeep through the cities "Beeepp Beeeep" and rode the donkey around the twisty curvy trails, "heee haw, Heee haw" and took the long ride over the rivers of Timbucktwo by boat "vrrrrommmnn". And finally they said goodbye to the cow "Mooo", the monkey "hoooo, hooooo, ha", the bird "sqwakkkk" and the fierce lion "RRRRoooar". Lastly they boarded the plane and flew to Mr. Ratchet's house. And Simon was so happy.

I love you Char!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who says you can't get anything for FREE!!!

Who hasn't heard the expression, "Nothing in life is free", I certainly have! And I would of agreed with that statement up until 3 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I decided to take my "couponing" (is that a word?!) to a new level. I ventured onto the internet and found some great blogs that actually send me an email and tell me what stores are having what sales and where I can find the coupon to go with the sale. Go here to visit one of my favorite money saving blogs!

"So what" you say. Stores always have sales and anyone can buy a Sunday newspaper that is full of coupons, how does that equal=FREE! Matching certain sales with certain coupons=FREE and thanks to the above blog I have gotten a bag of FREE cat food, FREE shampoo and FREE toothpaste.

Ok, so many of you probably think that I have lost my marbles for getting SO excited about a FREE bag of cat food! But it isn't the cat food that I am excited about, Sammie is, but for me it means that my wallet is fuller at the end of the day and to me that is why I get SO excited!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

The Boys would like to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great day! We went to one of our favorite places, Lake Farm Park, and got to pet baby piggies, got chased by a Turkey (Tommy will forever be traumatized ...poor thing!), and we even took a tractor wagon ride, ("Gumpa's, Gumpa's" Tommy screamed and pointed as he saw the John Deere Tractor.....he thinks that EVERY tractor in the world is Grandpa's!).
We then spent the afternoon napping, playing trains, camping, and opening Vday presents. I just love the Vday card boxes that we made with the boys. I will be saving them for years to come!

Trent and I officially celebrated Vday last night. Our great babysitter, C, was kind enough to give up her Friday night to watch the boys which afforded us the ability to have some honey time!! Trent and I went out for steaks and a trip to Target....our typical date night and we LOVE every minute of it because we are together and that is what matters!

Valentines Day is only one day a year but we need to remember to show our LOVE to those we LOVE, each and everyday!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

At this very moment I am thankful for:

Nap time
sleeping babies
that tomorrow is date night with my honey
that I spent less then my budgeted amount on groceries this week!!
that the laundry is almost done
that we are all healthy
cute Valentines Day Kitty cards from Charlie
that we don't have anything planned for this afternoon

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Devotional Psalm 121:5-8

The Lord himself watches over you!
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.
The sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon at night.
The Lord keeps you from all harm
and watches over your life.
The Lord keps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever.

I opend my Bible to this verse tonight and thought it was fitting....(let me know if you read this and think that I am writting it for you!) I find great comfort in knowing that I don't have to do this thing called life, alone! That infact I am never alone. There is a loving and watchful Father that is looking over me, always! The Lord is my "protective shade" from life and all that it throws at me and He keeps me from harm. Yes, life happens and things happen that hurt us and that we don't like. However, God is always there, we are NOT alone! I know today, that even when there is great pain, doubt, and worry in my life that all I need to do is look for the joy. Because it IS there, it is everywhere! God wants us to rely on Him, to come to Him and to let Him protect us!

Almost like Heaven!!

Today was a great day!! It was actually in the 60's and the snow is all but gone!! For today anyways!! The sun wasn't peeking it's head out much from behind the grey clouds, but that didn't matter!! The warmth of the air was enough to make me giddy and to let myself even think for a moment that SPRING is right around the corner!!

The kids and I headed outside after naps for adventure and playing in the muddy, yet glorious backyard! Oh, how much we all have missed our backyard, our refuge!! In the summertime we are outside all day long and we just love it!

I played with the kids a little and then let them have at it. Doing their own thing, exploring the mud, the last bit of snow pile, the aftermath of weeks of snow and rain and uck! It is amazing to me how much garbage collects in ones yard during the winter months. And honestly I don't think any of it was from us...gross!!! But the kids didn't care and neither did I really. We were just SO grateful to be OUTSIDE and not bundled to the hilt with gloves and snow pants etc!

Charlie was ALL about the snow pile, sorry the "construction site". He thought it was great fun to put the snow in his dump truck etc. I know he can't wait for his sandbox to be up and running again!!

And Tommy, well I have to say I was impressed with how much he has changed since summer! He scaled the jungle gym and flew down that slide before I could get up from my lounging to run over and assist. As my Dad always says "He's such a big boy Momma!" Indeed he is!

It truly was almost like Heaven! And even though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow, I simply don't care! Because today we had a glimpse of Spring!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Bug Head Bands Valentines Day Craft

This is so cute and SO easy!! Charlie came home from preschool wearing his "Love Bug" head band I knew that we just had to make them for the rest of the gang!

Tommy was really the only one that would wear it for any length of time. Even though I have to confess, I think he forgot he was wearing it! Oh well, they were super cute!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daily Devotional Hebrew 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Whenever I am consumed with fear, whenever I have doubt, whenever I feel out of control, I only need to remind myself that Jesus never changes. He is always loving, he is always in control and he is always with me! The world might change around me and people might enter and leave my life. However, Jesus is always there, to hold my hand and walk with me, to carry me when my legs can not take one more step. Jesus is there and in that I find comfort!

The Guys

There are three very important fellas in my life, Trent, Charles, and Thomas. I truly feel that God put me on this earth to be Trent's wife and to be the mother of Charlie and Tommy. Not that I don't have personal goals and dreams, but truthfully this part of my life is all for them. And I wouldn't change that! I really love my life, my life with my fellas! They bring me such joy and I can't imagine what my life would be like without them.

Trent is more of a husband, a friend and love, then I could of ever imagined or even hope for! He certainly is not a prince riding on a white horse, but so much more! He is kind, loving, thoughtful, a good listener, a good friend, a good love. He is funny and bright, he is passionate and relaxed. He is no drama, no no nonesense, no small talk. He is loyal and his heart is true. He is a good person! And I love him.

What makes him EVEN greater is that he is an awesome father! He is hands on, creative, ready to roll up his sleeves and change the bomb of all bomb diapers, he is fun, he is rough housing and yet not scared to tell his boys how much he loves them! He works hard for us so that I can stay home with the boys. He can't wait for them to be a little older so he can take them camping, so he can teach them how to play ball. He loves to play trains with them, he loves to cuddle and watch shows with them, he loves to read bedtime stories to them. He IS the best Daddy and oh HOW blessed are little Charlie and Tommy to have him!!

Charlie is our first born, our gift, a true Blessing from God! He is kind and sweet, he wants to please you. He is independent but loves to get "cozy" and snuggle. He is all about routine and finds comfort in things that he knows. Not much gets past him and he is constantly asking questions. He loves to sing silly songs, to learn new things, to make you laugh. He never stops from the moment he wakes up until the time his head hits the pillow. He doesn't like blueberries but LOVES peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. His favorite movie is The Polar Express and he loves to watch a little of it after naps, while sitting on Mommy's lap and drinking hot chocolate. He is our Joy! Our Charlie Bear!

Tommy is second son, another Blessing, our Star! He is the baby, the cuddeler, the attached to our hip baby! He loves to help, to clean, and hates to be dirty. He is very particular about where things go and how things are done. He is loud and opinionated, he wants what he wants when he wants it! He sweet and kind, loves to give hugs and kisses. He loves to play games, read books and play "Toot Toooooooots". From day one he has wanted to keep up with his brother, he loves his brother, he wants to be JUST like him! He is our baby, our Monkey!

My fellas are amazing! They are so much fun and I LOVE spending each day with them!! They keep me on my toes, my life busy and my heart full!!

Thank you God for my guys!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday Fiona Whitt

October 11, 2006 - January 30, 2009

I don't know this little girl or her family personally. However, their story has touched me deeply. I came across Jessica and Charley's blog,, purely by accident, or was? Since coming across Tuesday's story, about 48 hours ago, this little girl and her family have brought to light two very important things to me!

I suffer from great "mommy guilt". I often question how I handled situations with the kids, was I kind to them, was I too strict, was I overbearing, did I spend enough time actually playing with them or did I obsess to much about trivial things like cleaning? It seriously can keep me up at night.

This last week Trent was out of town, I worked alot, and there was a lot on the calendar. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. I lost my temper with the kids, I felt kind of blue, I didn't sleep much (because Trent wasn't here), my point is that I just was out of sorts and the "mommy guilt" was in full force. I would rationalize my behaviour and say that all moms have bad moments, and yes we all do, but I KNOW that I can do SO much better. I just have to make the choice and then do it!

Then I stumbled upon little Tuesday and a post that her mother made just a few days before Tuesday went to be with the Lord. Her mom talked about how she was nursing Tuesday, remembering how she had nursed her 2 years before in that same place, the only difference was that this time her sweet child was dying.

HOW blessed am I that my two sweet children are healthy and alive!! HOW blessed am I that I can run upstairs and peak into their rooms and see two little boys soundly sleeping?! HOW blessed am I that I can feel their arms wrap around my neck and feel their little kisses on my check! HOW blessed am I get to referre their squabbles, wipe their bottoms, cook their meals, drive them to school etc. Truly, HOW blessed am I?

Tuesday has made realize just how much I have taken my children for granted and her journey has showed me a whole new perspective on life! They might not always be here and I need to make the most of each day, of each moment!

Like Tuesday, her parents seem to be very amazing people with a true love for the Lord. It is amazing the strength that they have! Their story just further cements what I know is true. That regardless of what life throws at me if I trust in Him and keep my sight upward then anything is possible. I might not understand the Plan that God has for me and I certainly don't understand why Jessica and Charley lost thier sweet little girl. But I DO believe that God will give them strength and that through Him they can find peace.

Tomorrow the Whitt family is celebrating Tuesdays short little life with "Waggie Rides" and friends and family. I will keep them in my prayers tomorrow and I hope you do to!

Let us all remember how short life is and to treat each other with love and kindness!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Because

Take 2....let's see if I can get this whole blog thing down!

For the last few months I have really wanted to start a blog. I love idea of keeping in touch with people, of writting about everyday moments that need to be "saved" somewhere other then my swiss cheese memory, and just having a place to talk about life and all the goodness that comes with it!

I have come across SO many very cool, creative and inspiring women, children and families in the "blog world". They are truly the ones that have inspired me to start this adventure! My first "real" post will be about one of them!