Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts on Charlie

*Did I mention that Charlie didn't want to turn 5? We had hyped up his birthday, like we always do, and he was really excited to have his party. However, a few nights before the big day, as I was tucking him into bed he said "Mama, I don't want to be five. I like being 4 and wanna be 4 forever!". Which then lead into a long discussion about all the great things about being 5. I didn't seal him on it that night, but by the time his actual birthday rolled around he was ready to be 5! So precious.

* A few weeks ago this mama had a rough day, for no particular reason. My fuse was short and I raised my voice, ok that is a nice way of saying, I yelled at the kids, ugh!, 2 or 3 times today. So, we had one of our moments, I had one of my moments, I loaded them up in the car to go to the store and I hear this little voice pipe up from the backseat, "Mama, you should pray to God". It stopped me in my tracks and put a lump in my throat. First of because he was right! and second of all because all those times I had stopped him in his tracks and told him he needed to pray and ask God for help....it had sunk in!!!! Thanks, Charlie for reminding your mama that I too need to ask for help!! I love you sweet boy!

*We were able to break out the bikes the other day as the weather had broken a bit. Charlie picked up riding his bike with ease!! Next we just need to put on the new bell that he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa!

*Charlie has had FAR fewer timeouts and there has been only a handful of times this past month that he needed to be disciplined. His attitude has been pleasant and he has been so fun to be with!! He has been a GREAT big brother, sharing (most of the time!) with Tommy, being so helpful with household chores and just being his funny, happy self!!

*The last night at Disney Charlie said to Daddy, "Can't we sell our house and move to Disney?" Wish we could buddy, wish we could!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Disney 2010

We just rolled in from our week long adventure to Disney. We started off the week by packing up the van and heading south, yes, we drove. Crazy, I know. We were armed with a box of books, activities, fun loot bags and about 2 dozen videos or so.

We stopped about half way in Rock Hill, NC and spent the night there, both on the way down and coming back. We kept it pretty easy going, taking breaks whenever someone needed to get out. The boys loved digging in the red dirct of Georgia with their excavator and dump trucks. It really wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be. The boys really did exceptionally well and we would definitely do it again. The way home was a bit longer as there was not the promise of "Mickey's House" waiting for us at the other end. However, within 4 days of straight travel we only had about an hour of crying and Mama and Daddy working very hard to distract a small boy who kept yelling "Me, OUT!! Me, OUT!!". It was short lived and we eventually arrived at the hotel, to all of our relief!

It was such fun to watch the boys on this trip. Charlie has really grown and instead of running straight for Dumbo, he was enthralled with Casey Jr. the train and we had to ride it right away!
Along the ride they have little tribal villages set up, crocodiles snapping at a frog on a log etc. Each time we would ride on Casey, Charlie would slide over to the far left and eagerly await the journey. He LOVED the "junk" as he called it that was discarded on the side of the tracks, old rail ties, a wheel for a wagon, an old barrel...all props that were placed by Disney to build up the adventure that awaited us. I could hear him say (each time) "YEAH!!! COOL! I love that junk Mama!" It always mad me smile, I love his innocence.

Charlie and Tommy both really enjoyed riding what they named the Space Train in Tomorrow Land. Charlie had been waiting weeks to ride this train.

The boys loved the tunnels and when the train would go through Space Mountain. Some of the lights were red and each time we went under them Tommy would say "Mama, red. Mama, red". He thought it was so funny that we were all red. Tommy also loved it when we went through the tunnels and he couldn't see me. Charlie's favorite part though was one of the exhibits that the train rode by, a large model of the future. It resembled the train models that he so dearly loves and he would try to see all of it in the split milla second that we rode by it. We rode this the Space Train again, and again.

It was also a privilege for the boys to be chosen to open the restaurant, Chef Mickey's on the first night we were at Disney. They were asked to ripe down the chain barrier and officially open the restaurant for the evening. It was so cute to watch them, Charlie was SO into it. And even better Mickey was waiting for them on the other side to give them hugs as the entire wait staff clapped them on and a photographer took our pictures. We were then led to our table and the boys were asked for their autographs and given a certificate from Mickey and all his friends. It was really special and we will ALWAYS visit Chef Mickeys when we go to Disney! Not only is the food outstanding, but you get to meet Mickey,


and take pictures with them. It really sets the mode for the trip and I think next time we will also end the vacation with a visit to Chef Mickeys...that is how much we all love it there! They also gave Tommy a cupcake to celebrate his birthday, which of course he LOVED!

Tommy's favorite part of Disney was the Celebration Parade that they have about every 1.5 hours in the park.

It is a short parade with stilt walkers, some of the characters, dancers and big floats that look like large presents, lots of streamers and loud music. Tommy LOVED the parade and still sings the song. The last night that we stayed at Disney he woke up in the middle of the night asking to go and see the parade, especially the big blue guys as he called the stilt walkers. The parade was also the one thing that he HAD to say goodbye too. And we almost missed it because we had just boarded Casey Jr. so that Charlie could say goodbye to the train. Lucky for us, the parade is about 10 minutes longer then the Casey Jr. ride and we caught the last few minutes of it. Enough to satisfy Tommy and for us to video tape it so that he could watch it at home...and he already has!

Trent was in Disney vacation mode. He is so much fun to travel with! He packs up the backpack each night with snacks, diapers, cups for the boys and water for us. He makes sure that we have hand lotion and wipes and hats to shade us from the sun.

He quickly learned the QuickPass method and we were able to ride most of the rides with little or NO wait because of his planning. He took Charlie swimming and to the arcade while Tommy and I napped one day, which was a special treat for both him and Charlie. And in the evening when the boys were in bed, we were able to spend some time together without any distractions. It was so nice.

I just adore watching my boys, seeing them have so much fun and experience new things. It was so sweet to watch Charlie try to make Tommy feel better by trying to sing him a Rock A By after he woke up grumpy from a nap. Or little Tommy pat Charlie on his head saying "All wight Arlie, all wight" after Charlie had fallen and badly scraped his knee. I loved watching Tommy cling to Trent and want Daddy to hold him and sit on his lap at dinner.

I loved the opportunity to really focus on Charlie and spend quality time with him, hearing his excitement on Casey Jr and having him protect me on the Buzz Lightyear ride as he saved the planet and got all batteries back
while Tommy got the spiders with his flash light.

I loved watching them devour chocolate ice cream while watching the parade at night, f
eeling Tommy's head on my shoulder while he rested on my lap on Its A Small World. I loved spending time with Trent, eating ice cream with him after hours and being silly.

Some of our all time favorite moments: Charlie loved all the different suns in Its A Small World,
and each time we went through it, Tommy would shout "Boom, Boom Mama, Boom Booms!!!", while pointing at the little drummer boys
We had a great but short meal at Whispering Canyon, the guys of course were drawn to the hand car in the lobby
Daddy was a trouper, taking the kids on several race car rides
Our other favorite place is the Crystal Palace.

Good food and character dining, which means you get to meet, photograph and hug the characters up close. We met Pooh, Eyeore, and Piglet. As you can see from the pictures, both boys enjoyed the characters this year. As opposed to last time when Piglet scared the crap out of Tommy and he wouldn't go near another character the entire trip! But not this time! He was the first one up and running to bear hug each furry friend!

On the trip home Charlie slept with us in the king size bed. He woke us in the middle of the night, dreaming "Bye Green Casey, Bye". He woke up the next morning in tears, he missed Mickey. We all love Disney, it is one of our favorite places. It was a great trip.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Tommy

This sweet boy turned 3 recently.
Oh, how we love him!

Brothers being mischievous with the bubble machine.

We had some of our friends over to play outside and eat cake and ice cream. It was great fun!

Playing with bubbles and friends.

Maggie and her Charlie

Little people waited for the grand finale, an ambulance, better known as a Mimi, cake was the request.

The birthday boy was more then pleased.

I can not believe that our baby is three. It really seems like only yesterday that our 9lb 15oz "little" boy was born. He is such a joy to our family. His smile brightens all of our days! He is our firecracker, and has a passion for life.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
We love you so much!