Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend of projects

(Trent building shelves)
This weekend we plunged into some of our projects on the infamous "to do" list. The boys and I started Friday morning pulling out stuff from the garage that we were planning on trashing. Saturday we went and bought supplies for Trent to build shelves and organizational hanging stuff to get things up off the floor. Trent took over the project from there and told me to relax and just "direct". Oh, I love that man! :) There wasn't any "directing" for me to do, as he can be an organizing and building maniac all on his own! Love it!

The boys stayed cool in the pool and monkeyed around while Daddy cleaned and built shelves.

And I started to paint the boys' dresser. This time a bright blue.

Sunday night Trent finished and can I tell you that the transformation is HUGE!! I am so bad about taking before shots, but just imagine only being able to walk about 2 feet into garage. We had SOOOOO much stuff, things that we were just holding on to "just in case" we could use it down the road. 3 trips to the city dump, a tree lawn full of stuff and 2.5 days of working in intense heat....and this is what my honey accomplished!

The picture does not do it justice! We can now park Trent's new car in the garage and everything has its place. The garden tools are hung nicely on the wall, as is the double stroller and single stroller. And the big kid bike we were given is hanging from the rafters. The kids bikes, lawn mower and snow blower are neatly parked under the shelves. Seriously, this makes my heart happy!! Thanks baby you really did a nice job!

And I even semi completed a project that I have been wanting to do. I painted hung up the picture frames and our Lydic, families are forever sign in the kitchen. Now, I just need to pick out 4 family pictures and it will be done!

It feels good to be able to cross some stuff off the old list! Now on to the school room!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My sweet boy

Sometimes I sneak into his room and just watch him sleep. I love to watch him all curled up with Lovie and Kittie and soft pillow in his cozy bed. When he was a baby I would go into his room each night and lift him carefully out of his crib. I would sit and rock him, all cuddled up. I loved feeling his little warm body next to mine, his sweet baby smell and his little head resting against my shoulder.

Now his 5 1/2. FIVE and a HALF!!!! How did that happen? I can no longer rock him in the middle of the night but I do sneak in and cover his little red cheeks with kisses. He will always be my baby, my first baby.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kids Day 2010

Kids Day 2010 was a thumbs up!

Tommy at the movie theater (and NO I was not the only Mommy taking pictures!)

Charlie at the movie theater playing games

First on our agenda was taking the boys to their first ever movie at the theater. We HAD to go see Toy Story 3 since Buzz and Woody are our latest obsessions. We knew that Charlie would be glued to the screen and we were not sure how Thomas would do. They both did great! The movie was a little intense at moments, like when the toys were headed to the incinerator....nice way to terrorize our kids...thanks Disney! And both Trent and I thought it was sad, but overall a good movie and one Charlie would like to add to our collection.

Presents after naps, R2D2 for Charlie

Tommy and Charlie
And a Buzz Lightyear costume for Thomas

After naps we checked out the kids presents, made cupcakes with sprinkles and then headed for the pool. It was so much fun and a tradition that will hopefully continue in our family for many years.

Daddy and Mommy love you boys, and we celebrate you each and every day!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Do lists

At the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with ALL that I need to get done in the next 6-10 weeks. Going on very little sleep this week, Trent being out of town for most of it and trying to recover from last weeks cold, I am just trying to keep my head above water. So, my "To Do" list hasn't seen the light of day in a few weeks. I know I can and will get most of it done, and what doesn't happen, doesn't happen. Oh, but how I like to see all the stuff crossed off my list, I am just weird like that :)

I have to say though that I did manage to get a few school related projects done this week and that made me feel really good. But over all I feel like my "list" is winning the battle!

Here is the list as it stands today, July 13th. This is my pre-baby list, not my regular day to day list.

*Clean garage (DONE!!)
*make shelves for garage (Trent) (DONE!!)

*Trip to Ikea to buy school work box systems and other school related items (Mom or Trent coming with me)
*Set up basement as school room
*organize all school related materials
*Find Tommy a school desk
*Finish putting together Raising Rock Star and Raising Rock Star Preschool units for school
*Finish Crafty Alphabet units
*Put together unit organizer (Trent)
*Waiting on Charlie's computer from K12
*Sign Charlie up for his classes at the Co-op(DONE!!)
*Take Charlie and Tommy school supply shopping (I can't wait!)
*order remaining books from the library for school units

*Revamp Budget

*Get crib for baby
*take Tommy's crib down to Papa and Nie Nie's
*paint nursery (Trent)
*pick out colors for nursery
*pick out and buy fabric from rocking chair
*send fabric for rocking chair to Jane
*Jane making cover for rocking chair
*go through crib bedding and save gender neutral items
*buy crib sheets
*buy diaper changing covers
*buy bouncy seat
*pick out and buy curtains for nursery
*make art work for baby
*send address to mom and Jacque for shower
*buy presents from baby to Charlie and Tommy

*move Tommy to big boys room(DONE!!!)
*Candace making book bags for boys
*pillow for Tommy
*John Deere quilt for Tommy (being made from etsy shop)
*move Tommy's clothes to big boy room
*organize Tommy and Charlie's clothes
*revamp hall closet for boys clothes
*get sound machine/cd player for boys room
*Tommy initials for bb room
* go through and get rid of toys
*paint dressers blue

*play October freezer cooking
*list of recipes and meals for freezer cooking
*list of ingredients for freezer cooking
*stock freezer in October before baby

And then a few house projects that I just "want" to do and have "wanted" to do for some time, but never seem to find the time:

*family picture wall in kitchen
*redo family bird art in dining room
*make magnetic board for kitchen out of old frame

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creative Discipline

The other day the boys were being, well, boys. They were chasing each other around the house, running their normal laps, literally trying to kill each other. Or at least from my point of view that is what it looked like. People, Trent included, have often told me that this is just how boys, brothers, behave. I supose I should be grateful that we are not at the "I am going to try and shoot you with a BB gun from the top of the porch" stage....yet. Yes, that is a true story from my dear sweet husbands childhood! :)
The whole aggressive, fighting, shooting, deafening NOISE, boy stuff is a bit challenging for me to grasp...but I am getting there!

As much as I am aware that some of this is "normal" there also has to be limits and boundaries in place or someone WILL come out missing an eye! Here comes in the Creative Discipline, you know, you try and kill your brother and you WILL end up on the couch made to snuggle with him, reading him books. Works like a charm!

It is amazing to me how our boys work. One minute they are rough housing and the next they can be cuddled up together, laughing and loving on one another. They don't hold grudges but forgive almost immediately and move on to the next game.

I just think that they are so cute, even in a "time out" together!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 pregnant ladies

Syd and I have been friends for about 24 years. Wow that is a long time! We grew up together, got in trouble together, celebrated birthdays together (they are a day and a year apart) and had lots of fun together! Her family adopted me and I spent many a night sleeping at their home, eating brisket with them and always felt loved by them, especially her lovely mommy, God rest Miss Suzi's soul!
Time passed and Syd went off to college, I stayed here. We grew up and our lives changed. In the last 4 years we had lost touch with one another but I often thought of my dear friend and wondered how life was treating her.
By chance we started up a conversation via email or facebook, can't remember which and came to realize that we were both pregnant. She with her first and me with our 3rd. Both expecting little girls.
This weekend Syd and her delightful fiancee, Dan, were in town and paid us a visit. She had only seen Charlie when he was a baby and had never met Sir Thomas. It had been far to long!
Our visit was great over Trent's famous Sunday brunch of chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon...yummmm. It was so nice to catch up and see each others expanding bellies!
I promise not to let another 4 years slip by before calling on my oldest best friend!
Love you Sydley!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Driving with Daddy

Daddy said he would take the boys outside to play after dinner while I rested, he is a great guy! But this is what I saw out the front window while lounging on the couch.

Apparently, so did the neighbors :)

My fellas having fun.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have come a long way baby! Happy 6th Anniversary!! I thank God for your love each and every day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thomas was taking rather a long time on the toilet the other day. So I thought I should check in to make sure all was ok. It was more then ok in his world, but my lipgloss did not fair as well.