Monday, February 22, 2010


Charlie, Trent and Tommy
Train sledding

Charlie going down the hill all by himself for the first time.
He LOVED it!!

Tommy's first trip down ended in a wipe out, as did all of his other trips :)
He kept saying MORE, MORE!!

Daddy even had fun!

Thumbs up for our first ever sledding trip!!

And no afternoon would be complete without
Thomas devising a plan to smash his peanut butter
sandwich between his hands and tossing it ALL over the van.
Charlie had to follow suite as well!

We had a great time sledding. We all started off on the BIG hill. Tommy went with me, Charlie with Trent it was so much fun. Despite being dragged by the foot for about 20 feet, Charlie couldn't wait to go again and Tommy loved it too. Mommy learned after 3 runs that her body is not as young as it use to be and ended up in horrific pain for 2 days following. And Daddy, as usual the kid in him came out and made the day fun and special for all of us!


  1. This is way too much fun! My kids, and my husband and I, would have LOVED to have enough snow to sled!

  2. I would be more then happy to share some of our snow with you guys!! Especially, the foot that we got this weekend :)