Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Thoughts on Charlie

*Did I mention that Charlie didn't want to turn 5? We had hyped up his birthday, like we always do, and he was really excited to have his party. However, a few nights before the big day, as I was tucking him into bed he said "Mama, I don't want to be five. I like being 4 and wanna be 4 forever!". Which then lead into a long discussion about all the great things about being 5. I didn't seal him on it that night, but by the time his actual birthday rolled around he was ready to be 5! So precious.

* A few weeks ago this mama had a rough day, for no particular reason. My fuse was short and I raised my voice, ok that is a nice way of saying, I yelled at the kids, ugh!, 2 or 3 times today. So, we had one of our moments, I had one of my moments, I loaded them up in the car to go to the store and I hear this little voice pipe up from the backseat, "Mama, you should pray to God". It stopped me in my tracks and put a lump in my throat. First of because he was right! and second of all because all those times I had stopped him in his tracks and told him he needed to pray and ask God for help....it had sunk in!!!! Thanks, Charlie for reminding your mama that I too need to ask for help!! I love you sweet boy!

*We were able to break out the bikes the other day as the weather had broken a bit. Charlie picked up riding his bike with ease!! Next we just need to put on the new bell that he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa!

*Charlie has had FAR fewer timeouts and there has been only a handful of times this past month that he needed to be disciplined. His attitude has been pleasant and he has been so fun to be with!! He has been a GREAT big brother, sharing (most of the time!) with Tommy, being so helpful with household chores and just being his funny, happy self!!

*The last night at Disney Charlie said to Daddy, "Can't we sell our house and move to Disney?" Wish we could buddy, wish we could!!

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