Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best Day Of Your Life

When we went to Disney in April, Tommy was totally obsessed with the daily parade that made its way up and down Main Street USA. We had to catch a glimpse of it each day and were sure to say "Good bye" to the parade before our vacation was over.

He loved the music and dancing, the characters on the floats. But his favorite were the male stilt walkers with their bright colored outfits. His all time favorite was the "Blue Guy".

(man down!)

Months later we are still being visited by the "Blue Guy" on usually a daily basis. Tommy struts around the house, waving his hand to imaginary bystanders. He gets that proud look of his, the tongue in cheek one where if you say anything to him at the moment he smiles, blushes and looks away.

He is so sweet and I just love to watch him have fun and be in "character" mode. He walks through the house on his parade route singing "Best day of your life, you don't want it to stop, here and now." That is the only part of the parade song that any of us remember :)

An explanation of his "costume". The characters in the Disney parade that he LOVED walked on stilts, so hence the containers on his feet. They are his "stilts". The pompom represents the streamer like things that they characters waved around and the snow glove, well I think that is just his own touch :)

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