Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Servant's Heart

 For the last 2 or 3  years we have filled boxes for Samaritans Purse, Operation Christmas Child. And with each year that we participate we are blessed even more.
 Over the year I had saved odds and ends of little toys, party favors, extra crayons, etc.  It really helped to fill the boxes to the brim this year!  Each year we also go to the dollar store and the boys pick out several items for "their" buddies box.  This year the boys had been saving some of their chore money for this exact purpose.  I think they each had $4 dollars to spend and they were very careful on their choices.  Tommy knew right away that his "buddy" would love a truck and a Spider Man tooth brush.  Charlie choose a purple squigey porcupine ball and a tooth brush pack that had 2 tooth brushes in it.  He reasoned that his "buddy" would probably like the Spiderman tooth brush better, but this way he would have a toothbrush to share or just an extra one.  I was amazed at how thoughtful Charlie was this year.  He really got it!
This year we also included a letter to our "buddy" and our address.   We were told that often the children will write back to the family that donated the box.  We also registered our boxes online so we will know what part of the world our boxes went to.

I love doing activities like this with our children.  To teach them that it is always better to give then receive.  To show them how privileged we are as a family and a nation and that most of the world does not live like we do.  That we need to be mindful of those around us, help when we can, even if that means to say a prayer for someone. 

These are the moments that I hope are etched into our children's hearts.  These are the memories that I pray they will one day cherish for I know that I truly do!

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