Sunday, April 1, 2012

17 months

Dearest Penelope Jane,
     You are growing so fast and I love watching you make new discoveries and learn new things.  You are sure footed now, practically running, into everything but also a very good listener and nicely follow directions.  I can ask you to go get your shoes and you will, if you have something gross in your mouth all I have to do is ask for it and you quickly obey and spit it out into my hand.  You run to your brothers and Daddy to give kisses and hugs goodnight and wave good bye to Charlie when we drop him off at school.
  You are repeating everything we say, picking up new words daily.  You love other little kids and love to be around them.  You have already hosted your first party and were dressed to the nines in Nie Nie's tutu.
  You love your family and give hugs and kisses sporatically throughout the day.  I love it when you hug me and gently pat or rub my back.  You are by far the sweetest girl there is. 
  You are happy and very laid back.  You rarely cry and when you do it is because you don't feel well or because you have decided to protest whatever it is that we are doing.  You are a fall out, thrash, kick and wail kind of tantrum thrower even though you rarely throw them and can usually be easily redirected.
  You are a good eater, still taking at least 4 bottles of Soy milk a day.  Down to one mid day nap 2-3 hour nap, bedtime is still around 6pm, up around midnight and then this week you have decided to sleep all the way through the night for 3 days in a row!!! 
  You are the light of our family, you bring each and everyone of us such joy.  Daddy and I love watching you with your brothers and already how much you love them and how much fun you all have together.  I pray that the three of you will remain best friends forever!

Love you always my sweet girl!

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