Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun 2013

If I had to sum up Halloween this year in 5 words it would be: BUSY, crazy, FUN, Family, kids.  I was a hard week, I won't lie.  There was just to much to do, to many projects that had to be completed, parties to plan, sweet treats to make, costumes to finish etc, etc, etc.  Halloween is a big event around here.  We love to help the kids come up with their costumes, often times making them.  But that takes a lot of work and planning and then some more work.  I also love to be involved with the boys' class parties.  This year I am the room mom for Tommy's class.  I volunteered to make not only Tommy's class but also Charlie's class their sweet treat for the class parties.  Let's just say that Trent and I were up to our elbows in rice krispie treats the night before the party. But the kids loved them, and THAT is why we do what we do. 

Kids, if you don't remember anything else about holidays and the traditions that we do each and every year.  I hope that you will remember that whatever we did we did for you.  To make you happy, to make you smile and to make you feel special. 

Charlie's Class Party 3rd Grade

Charlie was the Red Knight Phantom from the Legend of Zelda

Tommy's Class Party 1st Grade

Tommy was the Golden Knight Phantom from the Legend of Zelda

Things to remember about Trick or Treating 2013:
* Penny demand to go home after about 30 minutes because she said she had "TOO MUCH candy".  What kid does that?!
*Charlie was just TOO cool to carry a plastic pumpkin to gather his candy. Sooooo, he choose to use his pillowcase like the "big" kids.  The funniest thing he said was "I can't WAIT to go to sleep tonight!!" Me: "Really?! Why?" Charlie: "Because then my pillow case will smell like candy" To funny!

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