Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishy adventures

Daddy couldn't wait to get the boys a fish tank! He had been researching online for weeks, deciding on the perfect beginner tank.

Then last Thursday night after an early dinner, we loaded the wee ones up and drove out to claim our prize tank and the all the fixings! Charlie had a great time staying up late and helping Daddy prepare the tank for our new little friends. I am really not sure who had more fun..... ;)

Washing the stonesPouring stones into tank

Charlie helping prepare the tank

And now, we would like to introduce the 5 newest members of our household.....well, actually I waited to long to post this and in the meantime our little gold friends have taken the long swim to their fish tank in the sky. Funeral services were held and prayers were said, proper burials for our fishes. May they rest in peace.

The boys have taken it really well, it is Daddy that had the hardest time I think.

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