Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning.... DONE...well almost ;)

Many of you have made mention to my journey down the ole spring cleaning road. I have to admit that I am surprised that anyone even read along with my cleaning adventures, but I am thrilled that you have!! And I am excited that what was intended to be a way for me to keep myself motivated and to document the process has also inspired some of you to do the same!! Pretty cool!

So, the title of this post says it all. My spring cleaning is done!! As I lay in bed one night, excited and actually suprised that I had completed my first attempt at spring cleaning it dawned on me that....hmmmmm did I clean OUR bedroom? Yeah, that would be a BIG NEGATIVE! So, even though I have not official washed the walls of our love shack, I do declare spring cleaning to be officially DONE, check it off the list, adios to the all natural cleaning sprays and various scrubbing utensils. The dust bunnies hiding under our bed will have to wait a little longer!


And this is what I have learned:
I need to give myself at least 6 weeks to accomplish this task
I should start in March to avoid birthdays, Mother's Day and the last week of school!
Each bedroom gets its own week
Make a list as I go of what projects need to be done in each room

That even though I have scrubbed, shined, vaccumed, and dusted every inch of a room....that doesn't mean that it won't be dirty by morning.......;)

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