Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning Time and our Alphabet Book

Recently Charlie and I have started "Learning Time". This is a time during the day (most days), usually right after Tommy has gone down for his nap, that Charlie and I spend together working on something educational and fun. It is amazing how this child loves to learn! He is excited when I announce that we are having learning time and is eager to finish all of his assignments. His enthusiasm is exciting and I eagerly anticipate next fall!! It is also a great way for me to find methods and tools that work for both of us and has been a great help in starting to put his curriculum together for next year.

One of the projects that we have been working on is an alphabet book. It is a great exercise in letter recognition, letter sounds, gluing, cutting and working together. We use brown paper lunch bags as the base and cut items out of magazines that start with the corresponding letter.

I love spending this time with Charlie. He is such a smart and inquisitive little boy! It is so exciting to watch him develop his ideas and learn new things.

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