Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Thoughts on Tommy July 2009


His language skills are really taking off. He now refers to himself and is saying lots of 2 word sentences as well as some 3 word sentences. Still getting speech evaluated though.

He is less and less dependent on us and is using his Blue (blue blanket that Great Grams actually crocheted for Charlie) to self soothe and comfort him.

VERY concerned that Daddy's car has a boo boo! Trent's car was crunched while he was at work (he was not in the car at the time!), the trunk and rear light were smashed and Tommy is just fascinated with this. He often wakes up from nap time and says with the most concerned voice "Dada Boom" "oowie Beep Beep" etc.

Tommy is very particular about what articles are placed in his crib. He sleeps with Blue and Green Blankies, Lovey and Mickey and at least 2 if not many more binkies. If out of the ordinary is put in his crib, say a book or another toy, he has a fit and says "No, NO!". Our child has a sense of order and likes things in their his mother!

July 12th: Entering 10 weeks of tummy issues...something has to give!
July 23rd: Tummy issues are on the mend, we stopped soy and things got better, that was not the cause but might have prolonged it? Never been so happy to talk about "poop"! :)

Everyday Tommy continues to amaze me. He is becoming so independent and is fearless in so many areas! He is sitting in a regular chair at most meals and will stay on the bed and watch shows with all of us before bed, instead of scampering down after 30 seconds! He is still hitting a bit but is really good about saying he is sorry and giving kisses. He thinks that Charlie is hilarious...which he is! And I LOVE to hear them laugh at each other...even when they are being a bit naughty!! He completely comprehends everything that is going on around him and is getting some words and able to put them together to communicate with us! Meeting for 2nd speech evaluation is scheduled for the next week (the last week of July)..update, Tommy qualifies for speech therapy, we will look into our options :)

New fascination with babies, NO mom I am NOT pregnant! But it does seem that several of my girl friends have had babies in the last few months and Tommy has taken notice. He and little baby Alex became fast buddies the other day (Alex is maybe 7 months old?) Tommy LOVED holding him, with assistance of course, giving him hugs and kisses. Both Alex and Tommy were laughing and enjoying themselves. And every time we drive by baby Ryan's street, baby Ricky's street or baby Alex street, I hear Tommy's little voice from the backseat pipe up and say "I babieeee"...translation "Hi Baby". How does a 2 year old KNOW where the babies live??? But he does!! And even though he still totally digs going to see ALL the trucks and trains that Target has to offer during our weekly visits (sometimes daily visits!) he is ALL about the baby dolls! Especially the one that crawls and talks baby talk. Thank you Target for putting trains on one side of the aisle and baby dolls on the make my life SO easy!! We might need to update his Christmas list!

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