Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Fun and Brotherly Love

Charlie throwing leaves at Mommy
The boys having fun in the leaves

Mommy getting buried with leaves by Tommy

We have been playing in the leaves a lot lately...tis' the season!

Today while playing in the leaves, Daddy was dragging the leaves out to the front lawn on the tarp and Tommy thought it was pretty fun to stand on tarp so that Daddy could not move it. Jokingly I told Tommy that if he didn't get off the tarp that he would end up in the big pile of leaves out front and that the leaf vacuum truck would come and suck him up too. Tommy thought that was hilarious and laughed in his crazy little Tommy way! But sweet sensitive Charlie thought it was horrible and immediately had a very concerned look on his face and went and threw his arms around Tommy's neck telling us that he didn't want Tommy to get taken away by the leaf truck because "He is my brother and I love him!"

I just love those moments where the boys show their true love and adoration for each.

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