Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Grams' 95th Birthday

Grams' celebrated her 95th birthday
last month and we were there to celebrate with her!
Grandma Candace threw a great surprise party for Grams and surprised she was!! It was so nice to spend time with her in her home, the family home, where Trent has so many fond memories!
Grams is such a good sport! Charlie LOVES to crawl up on her lap.We love you Grams!!

While in NY at Grams' house Trent likes to take the kids and me down to the creek that he use to play at as a child. It is good old, clean fun :)

Drying off after our creek adventure

And Grandma Candace took us all to some friends house and they were SUCH good sports to let the kiddos crawl all over and "drive" their vintage Porsche!!

Charlie and Grandma Candace saying goodbye!

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