Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Over the hills and through the woods.......

Our last stop on our Thanksgiving travels, took us to Nie Nie and Papa's house.

We did a lot, and yet we did nothing at all!

We visited an incredible cheese house where we stuffed ourselves with cheese and watched cheese being made. Very cool and very yummy!

Grandpa took the boys on loader rides, as usual. Tommy could hardly wait and went from vehicle to vehicle asking for a ride on them with Papa. Charlie was skeptical this time about a ride, but compromised with Grandpa and found a safe spot near the gear shift for him to ride and put the loader into "gear".

The boys love to ride with Grandpa on the loader.
Thomas x's 2

There were cuddles and shows

We decorated our Gingerbread house as part of our Advent activities

And Charlie and Grandpa also did some building together.

Two little Christmas Elves at work.

And this sweet boy, well, he is just sweet!

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