Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Thoughts on Charlie

Our boy is changing, for the good, I think. Subtle changes in his behavior, deep conversations, and a new sense of self, leaves a Mama grasping at the baby days and yet excited to see her little bird start to fly!

Cuddles do not flow so freely these days, but sweet words like "Mama, I'll take care of you and Daddy forever" or conversations, brought on by boy, about where he will live when he is all grown up only to end said conversation with "I think I'll just live here with you guys". That is fine with us little one, but check back in with us in about 14 years :)

The days have stretched into years, the time has truly flown by. Did we not just wrap this wee one in a blue velor snow suit that was sizes too big and bring him home, Daddy driving 15 mph under the speed limit, Mommy watching little boys every breath?

Was it not last week that he would kiss us with those open mouth, I am going to eat you kisses that left your hole face wonderfully wet?

Nope, it was not yesturday or last week. It was nearly 5 years ago. And our boy is changing, for the good, I think.

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