Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lake Farm Park

Our last family of 4 field trip was to Lake Farm Park, one of our favorite places to visit. We have a yearly membership there and never grow tired of all they have to offer. We decided to go the day before I was to be induced with Miss Penny.

Charlie and the big shovel, Tommy and the great tomato
We visited the green house, looked at all the plants and played a few games about bees and pollenation.

The ponies were out and the boys both wanted to go for a ride.

Tommy was a bit nervous but once he saw how much fun Charlie had on the ride, then he was eager to have his turn.


(Trent showing Mommy pig who was boss)
We also stopped by the barn and saw the new born piggies. They were about 2 weeks old and so cute. The boys loved petting them. Their mommy piggy was being a little aggressive and was kind of charging the gate (which I happened to be kneeling down by to pet one of her babies).

Charlie petting baby pigs

It was great cool Fall afternoon with our boys. We had a great time just taking our time and being together.

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  1. I am happy you all got to have such a fun day together before Penny came. A great memory of your family of four:-).

    Again, blessings and thinking about you every day! Give Penny a hug for me, and hold her a little extra for me too:-). I still hold and kiss my Jesse, Jack too--heck, I snuggle my all my kids as much as I can!!