Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Are In Love

Penelope Jane, named by her Daddy and after her Nie Nie, has stolen all our hearts.
Her birth was magical and wonderfully quick. Her sweet cheeks are pink and plump and perfect for kissing. She barely cries and when she does she hollers for food, nothing more, nothing less, just food. She makes sweet baby noises when she sleeps and her head is the softest thing I have ever felt. She loves to cuddle and easily settles back into sleep after nursing. She has big blue eyes that stare back at me in the middle of the night, content and filled with love.

Our little peanut, 8lbs 21 inches
Proud Daddy-I don't think I have ever seen him smile so big as he did when he saw his baby girl.

I was in love the moment I held her. I cried when she was born. For her birth was a miracle, a blessing and something we had waited for.

And these two, the smiles say it all. They love to hold her, talk to her, teach her new things. Tommy loves to tickle her and tells her how cute she is. Charlie teaches her new words, can't wait for when she is awake and he can hold her and look into her blue eyes and is so gentle and loving to her.

She is sweet, lovely, perfect in every way.
And we love her. Oh, how we love her.

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