Monday, February 14, 2011

mon coeur

mon coeur = my heart

Dear Mr. Lydic,
  You know I don't need a holiday to express my love for you.  But I will never refuse a reason to tell you how my heart is filled with love, love just for you!
  I woke up early this morning to feed a certain small child and I glanced your way.  Your head was laying sweetly on your pillow, one hand tucked under it, the other one  lightly leaning on the bedroom wall.  I could hear your breathing, long, shallow breaths.  You slept soundly, snuggled up in our warm blankets.  I thought you looked beautiful laying there and my heart swelled with love for you.

I said a prayer and thanked God for you. I love our children, I love our families, I love our friends and where we live.  I love our life.  But nothing matters if you are not laying next to me.

So Mr. Lydic, Happy Valentines Day.  I pray you know how much I love you, today.and.everyday!!

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