Monday, July 25, 2011

Lake Trip Part III: Midway Park

Midway Park is one of our favorite places to visit when at the lake.
Trent often went here when he was young and most of the rides are still same from way back then.

All of the boys LOVE this roller coaster.  Charlie opted to ride by himself this year, so brave!

This photo proves I should always listen to my gutt.  My gut said "Don't listen to the 16 year old carnival boy who says that Tommy can ride on Charlie's lap because if he does they are going to fall off this slide".  10.2 seconds later they fell off the slide.  Thankfully, no one was hurt but they didn't ask to go on it again!

Me and My Babies

Daddy and Tommy.  

Charlie's favorite ride, the Handcar Train
Even little brother could ride this year!

A trip to the lake would not be complete without a trip to Midway Park. 

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