Thursday, July 14, 2011

Penelope Jane 8 months young

Penny at Lake Chautauqua
Our Penelope Jane has just blossomed this last month.  She is doing so many new and exciting things.  I am in awe of how quickly she is changing  and cherishing each day with her.

Her new "tricks" this month are:
*waving "hi"
*clapping hands especially when you say "Yeah!".  She gives you that big beautiful smile and just squeals.  It is so precious!
*army crawling ALL over the place.  Now she can chase the cat!  Sammie is such a glutton for punishment though, and will just sit there as she beats pets him with her little hand.  He has loved all the babies and you will often find him curled up laying with one of them.
*sits completely independently now, and can get herself from a sitting position to her belly to crawl around.
*she is babbling and squealing all the time.
*she self feeds, loves steamed apples and carrots.  She almost always refuses baby food now.  I am trying to come up with soft foods that she can eat.  She pretty much has liked everything I have given her so far, avocado, brown rice, Spanish rice, cheerios, puffs, freeze dried fruit, chicken, pork, turkey, spaghetti.
*Still on the same sleep schedule.  2 naps, in bed for the night between 6-6:30pm and up by 7:30am.  She still wake 2-3 times a night to eat.  However, just last night she went to bed at 6pm, up at 10pm to eat and then slept until 7am!!  It was the longest stretch she has ever had.  Yes, I like my sleep but I am not in a hurry for her to drop all of her middle of the night feedings just yet. I know once she does I will miss them.
*weighs 20lbs
*still only has 2 bottom teeth and I don't see anymore coming through
*her hair is getting a bit longer on the sides, she often sports little strawberry blond wisps and they are adorable.
*she LOVES the water and tries to swim in the pool and drink the water (gross!).  she kicks her little legs in the water and splashes and squeals.  Looks like we have another little fish on our hands :)
*her best friends are Charlie and Tommy.  Those boys can seriously make her laugh.  Charlie has been so attentive to her lately and is always wanting to hold her.  Tommy sings her silly songs and speaks baby to her, which she loves to no end.
*she is also becoming a Daddy's girl.  If Trent is in the room she always reaches for him and flashes him her beautiful smile.
*she is still a very content baby.  She only fusses when she is tired or hungry and is full of smiles and belly laughs.

Being your Mommy is such a joy.  I smile every time I see you.  Your little face is so beautiful. I love your big sparkly blue eyes and that ear to ear grin of yours is just precious.
    I love how you give your Daddy and brothers kisses before bed and how you snuggle your head in the crook of my neck when I get you up from naps.  I love peaking in on you as you sleep on your belly with your tooshie in the air and arms tucked under your belly, little feet crossed at the ankles.
   You are the sweetest girl and all of us are so grateful for you.
    Love you to pieces little girl!

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