Monday, August 22, 2011

Michigan Fun

We packed the van up again and headed North this time.  Aunt Patti and Uncle Sherman's house in Michigan was our final destination.  They live in a beautiful log house that they had built 18 some years ago.  It is a large, comfortable, warm home.  It just oozes their personalities and is generously sprinkled with ancient artifacts that Sherman has found metal detecting all over the world and beautiful crafts and quilts that Patti has bought or made herself.  The house is located back off the road, nestled in the woods with a lush garden on one side of the long circle drive.  It is surrounded by green on 3 sides and a beautiful easy flowing river on the other. 

We had a great time at a children's museum that Aunt Patti wanted to take us to.  It had a ton of fun exhibits for the kids, and adults, to explore.
Trent and Tom working on the canal exhibit

Go Aunt Patti!

Aunt Patti and Penny, who was missing her nap and not happy about it!

Bass Man

Uncle Sherman, Nana, Penny and Charlie building trucks

Charlie and his love of gears
We had such a nice visit, chatting, eating, playing in the rain, chatting, going to a children's museum, chatting, walking around their small town, getting hair cuts at the local barber shop, going for tractor rides, playing board games, eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor, spending time as a family, eating some more, taking boat rides on the river, laughing, having dinner with friends, watching movies and just having a really nice visit.  The only downer of the weekend was not being able to visit our dear friends in a near by town.  Now we have another reason to go back :)

Penny love

Uncle Sherm gives Charlie a ride
We can't wait to go back! Love you Aunt Patti and Uncle Sherman!! Thanks for a great weekend!

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