Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Penelope Jane: 9 months

This little girl blesses our hearts and home everyday.  She is so sweet and so fun to be with. 
At nine months she is:
*still not thrilled with baby food and would prefer regular food.  All though, nursing is still her main source of nutrition and comfort.
*still doing the "army crawl" all over the house, getting into lots of trouble and has started to terrorize her brothers :)

*still very pleasant, happy, sweet, very lovable and likes to be held
*can play independently for short periods of time
*LOVES the cat and dog and will "chase" them around the house and squeal and chatter away at them
*definitely has a voice of her own and is rather chatty at times
*has a definite affection for other babies, and loves her dollie.  She also like the dolls that have eyes that open and close and she is fascinated with them.  She will sit for a long period of time, opening the eyelids with her tiny finger.  She also likes to now try and open my eyelids!

*she is getting her 3rd tooth!  Her top left tooth, and it isn't pretty :(
*still getting up a few times a night to nurse, but sleeping longer stretches
*still taking 2 naps, and sleeps from about 6pm-7am
*weighs 20lbs, wears 12 months clothing
*she has gone to the nursery at church a few times  and has had a rough time of it, but we will keep trying!
*still smitten with her Daddy and brothers!
Miss Penny,
We love you so much and we are so excited to watch you grow.  You are such a joy and a blessing.  Your sweet smile is just contagious and you fill our home with such warmth and love.  We thank God everyday for you!!  Love you sweet girl!

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