Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Thoughts on Charlie...................

Today is August 5th and it is the first day that are little star Charlie has been able to successfully pedal his trike. Oh how I wish I had my camera in hand for the big moment but I know that not some moments are just to be lived and not captured on film!
Mommy "Go Charlie, PUSH, PEDAL, PUSH with your feet!!! YEAH Charlie you ARE doing it!!"
Charlie "Mama, God taught me how to pedal! Oh Mama, I am so proud"
Later during sandbox talks mid shovel of sand into dump truck, Charlie "Mama, some kids ride a lot faster then me"
Mommy: "Char, someday you will ride super fast too! You just have to keep practicing!"
Charlie: "Can I practice tomorrow?!!!!
We are SO proud of you too little bear!

When Charlie grows up he wants to have a HUGE steam train that he can drive and a spaceship in his backyard so that he can take Mommy to outer space and show her all planets.

It is so cute when we catch Charlie sounding like us, well sometimes it is cute ;). The other day Tommy was less then playing nice with Charlie. I believe that Tommy swiped a coveted train that Charlie was playing with. After the screaming subsided and the train was handed back to its original owner, Tommy was asked to make amends to his big brother, "Ahwee (sorry)" and a kiss is usually how it goes. And then Charlie piped up as he hugged his little brother "Tommy, I love you but I really don't like that you did that". Love it!

September: We are starting homeschooling a year earlier then originally planned! I am so excited and can't wait to get the materials that I have ordered for Charlie's curriculum! It is going to be an adventure!

Charlie is really into creating model train sets on the dining room table. He so creative, making tank trucks out of large springs and legos, using blankets piled up as mountains and vacuum attachments as crane.

He has also taken to reading his train magazines out in the "book club" or his tree house.

Oh yes, the train magazines, you know the book like brochures that die hard train fanatics drool over. Yes, our Charlie is one of them you know. We got a bunch at a train "show" that we went to and after less then a year of daily reading, loving and drooling on, Trent was able to score some more from a co-worker. Thank goodness because there is only so many times that one can tape together a magazine!

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