Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random Thoughts on Tommy................

Silly Tommy

Some of my favorite Tommy words:

Mimi=Ambulance/Firetruck/Police Car

Nie Nie=Grandma Jane
Blue=his lovie the blue blankie

Tommy LOVES to pray at meal times. He is so cute, he folds his little hands and bows his little head and tries to say "Dear GAAAAA, yummys, ba, Arley (Charlie), Dada, Momma, Beep Beep, Meow etc" He doesn't have the exact words down but you can understand what he is trying to say. So precious!

August 22nd: Tommy starts speech therapy! The outlook is very good! The therapist believes that he has the words and that he is trying to say them. The issue is that there are several letter sounds, T, W, B, S that he does not use. Once he learns these sounds and starts using them we should be able to understand him much better!! We are going 1x a week and we hope to be finished with therapy within a month or two.

August 24th: 1st four letter sentence: "Dada, babble pop pease" Daddy, bubble pop pease.

September: The kids and I attended new program at our new church today. Usually, Tommy is very clingy and cries whenever we leave him at the nursery at church. This is something that really has been heavy on my heart and I just hate seeing him get so upset. Childcare was an issue for us at the church we previously attended and so we are beyond thrilled that Tommy seems to be settling in to the new routine rather amazingly!! We have gone to service at this new church 3 times, the kids have only been twice. Tommy whimpered the first time we dropped him off but the women working immediately swept him up and diverted his attention to the trucks in the closet. I heard him settle down within seconds and he did great that day! The second time we dropped him off he went right on in and made himself comfortable. And today, well I don't think he even knew that I had left!! This is something I have prayed about and I am overjoyed that so far this transtion to a new setting has gone so remarkably well!

Tommy is attempting to say more and more words and says several word sentences. He is progressing and we are thrilled. He is trying so hard, poor boy. I just hate seeing him get so frustrated and will help him in any way that I can.

Did I mention that Tommy is our daredevil? Just the other day I caught him scaling the fence. You know, the fence that we had to buy a special lock for to keep this child in the yard because he is more then capable of unlocking any locked door or gate. Oh yes, I found this out the hard way. I had to excuse myself one morning to tend to some business, you know the kind, and I left the boys in the family room safe and sound. Screen door locked, baby gate secure, Bob the Builder on the tube. Not even 2 minutes later, I hear Charlie half laughing half screeching "Mommmmmmmm, Tommy is outside". WHAT!!! Yes, the little darling had some how figured out how to push the little black piece on the knob of the screen door. And when pushed, regardless of if the door is locked or not, will automatically open the screen door. Instant freedom. Luckily, Tommy had only managed to escape to the porch before I could sprint to the back door. Had the neighbors been outside, they surely would have gotten a sight! I think we shall call him Houdini.

Tommy loves to have his leg rubbed when I am putting him to sleep and for me to sing the first verse of Rock A By Baby, then hum the rest. He will rub his leg and start to hum the song when he wants me to do it....he is so cute!! Can I eat him?

Tommy's Character Chart...he a character that is for sure!
Love you buddy!

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