Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Ready For Baby: stocking the freezer

(cooking day from January 2010)
I am in high gear trying to get things in place before baby girl gets here. One thing I want to do is stock our freezer with easy meals for after her birth. Cooking dinner on a good day, now, is difficult. I can only imagine what it will be like with a newborn strapped to my chest!

I will have a massive day, or days of cooking at the beginning of October.

Here is my list:

Lasagna x2

Various soups (corn chowder, broccoli cheese, ham lentil) each x2

Homemade pizzas x5

Burritos x20

Goolash x2

Stuffed shells x2

Barbacoa meat for tacos etc x2 full roast

Freezer mashed potato x4

marinated ckn breast x6

Roasts x3

Homemade waffles x10

Meatloaf x3

various muffins (banana sour cream, to die for blueberry) x2 dozen

So far I have my list put together and I only need to make an ingredient list, do my shopping and get a cookin!

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  1. This is one thing I have never mastered before a new baby comes. You are awesome Beth! Good luck, I hope your freezer is overflowing with meals for your family by the time your new baby girl is here!