Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Update: 28 weeks

(profile of baby)
Here she is, our sweet little girl. I already think she looks like her brothers!

(front shot of baby's face)
When Tommy saw this picture he said "whoooo, Halloween guy" because it is a skeletal view of of the babies face :)
And here is an outside of view of our little lady. Chin is long gone and so are the ankles, all small sacrifices :)

Baby is growing great, she is measuring a week larger then what she actually is which is not a surprise to us. My OB has been preparing me for another large baby. It will be whatever it is going to be :)

The lab in my OB's office did not do our genetic testing that we had ordered. They took my blood for it and then for some reason tossed the blood before running the test. When the mistake was caught, I was over the deadline for being able to have the tests run and have correct results. When pregnant it seems that all tests are time sensitive and need to be preformed within certain weeks of your pregnancy. Needless to say, I was not to thrilled about the mistake. However, from all the ultrasounds we have had everything looks great, so that is reassuring.

This week I went in for my Gestational Diabetes test. I failed the first test :( but this also happened when I was pregnant with Charlie and I didnt have GD. So, I am praying that I don't have it this time either! I go back on Thursday for the 3 hour, 3 blood draw test...yippee!! Nie Nie is coming to stay with the boys and take them to their swimming lesson. Knowing that she will be with them really makes me feel so much better about the whole day. I am definitely stressed, but trying to stay positive. And besides, I can use that 3 hour of alone time to work on some of the Christmas presents that I have been busy making :)

Lately I have just been trying to stay positive. My body does not enjoy being pregnant. I LOVE the outcome but the journey getting there is usually a rough one for me and this pregnancy has been harder then the others for several reasons. I have been battling a lot of anxiety lately, just from being in chronic pain of my pelvis separating, worrying about loss of baby, and trying to maintain life as "normal" for Charlie and Thomas. But with a lot of prayer and reading of scripture I find that I am winning this battle with my anxiety, one step at a time. I know that God is in control and that the pain I am experiencing right now is only temporary, that I need to turn over this baby to God and not worry, and that our boys are just fine whether then watch tv most of the morning or I am able to take them out on adventure. I know myself, and I am starting to hit that wall of "I can't do this any longer". I know that I have at least 12 weeks to go, and so I am trying to stay as positive as possible and slow down my pace a little. I keep reminding myself that our life is truly wonderful right now, and I am trying each day to enjoy every moment of it. I feel so blessed to be carrying this little one!

Trent has been WONDERFUL in these last 7.5months! He rubs my back almost every night, puts up with my snoring, runs out to get ice cream when a craving hits, takes the boys on adventures with him giving me some much needed down time, carries all laundry baskets upstairs, does not complain about ordering take out...again and continues to plug away at all the house projects that are needing attention before our little one arrives. I can tell he is excited to have a daughter and often comments when we are out about what teenage girls are wearing. I have a feeling that he is going to be rather protective of little baby girl!

Charlie is still excited about having a sister and looks through my pregnancy books often. I have been very straight forward with answering his questions as to how the baby will get out of my tummy, how it got there etc. Tommy seems to be excited too, however, I sense a bit of jealousy already. In the last few days he has reminded me that he is the baby and that he wants to go back in my tummy. Even though he has enjoyed moving to the Big Boy Room, I think that it is a bit unsettling to him to see us slowly redo the nursery that was not to long ago his room. We are doing things slowly and I think that will help him, but he is still very aware of what is going on.

12 weeks to go, the time is flying by!!

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  1. I loved reading this post Beth. I cannot believe you only have 12 weeks left! Time passes so fast.

    I hope these last twelve weeks are good to you. I hope your test goes well too!

    Good luck and blessings in getting all the loose ends tied up for your sweet baby girl.

    OK, who is Nie Nie:-)?