Monday, August 16, 2010

Marriage proposal

Last week I was driving Charlie and Miss S. to church to drop Charlie off for VBS. Trent had the day off and was busy taking Tommy to swimming lessons. The car was quiet except for the music I had playing in the background, when all of a sudden I hear from the back seat
Charlie "S when we grow up will you marry me?"
Miss S replied "ummmm, if my mommy says it is ok"
Charlie "Cause I really want to marry you when we grow up, we can have a dog, do you want a dog?
Miss S "I already have a dog, rocky" she replied in her silliest voice
Charlie "no, we can have our own dog and a cat"
Miss S "ok"
Charlie "S, just don't tell Maggie. Because I think she really wants to marry me" he said in a quiet whisper

I didn't say a word, just listened with a big old cheesey grin on my face and tried not to laugh. Charlie was the sweetest thing. He had told me a few days earlier that he wanted to marry Miss S. when he grew up, that he would buy her pink and purple flowers because those are her favorite colors, but that he knew he had to wait until they were older and she was funny! I also thought it was so sweet that he was worried about his other little friend, Maggie and not wanting to hurt her feelings...what a gentleman.

Whoever marries Charlie will be one lucky lady! He has his Daddy's sense of loyalty, loves fiercely, wants to please you and is so much fun! But watch out ladies, Miss S is a tough act to follow :)

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  1. This is so sweet Beth! I know this made you so proud and touched your heart:-). What a sweet boy you have!!