Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Ready For Baby: The Season of Slow

About a week ago (at 34w) the realization hit me that I have entered a new season in my life, the Season of Slow. No longer can I pack our schedule with playdates, Bible studies, school, doctor's appointments, house projects, cleaning or fun outings. Sure a few of those a week are fine, but not daily and not with the intensity that we have been going at. It is time to slow down, or so my body and God are telling me. When I am quiet and still and actually listen, I can hear God's direction for me to follow. This time I am listening :)

We have only a few shorts weeks before we will be blessed with the birth of our daughter. We can't wait, but we also know that it will be a time of transition and many sleepless nights (sleep is HUGE in our house!). I want to go into this beautiful time with as much inner peace, serenity and joy as possible.

I want to spend these next few weeks doing what is most important, spending time together and enjoying each other. It will never again be just Trent, I and the boys. And even though we are anxiously awaiting our little lady, we are also wanting to enjoy this time with just our favorite fellas.

So the calendar has been cleared. The necessities will continue to get done and we will fit in a few more fun outings before the big day arrives. We will still visit with friends and continue on with our schooling. And doctors appointments has become like playing trains at our house, something that happens almost daily :)

I am so grateful for this time. I am feeling pretty good most days and feel blessed for these next few weeks that I can spend preparing our family and home for another little person! I am grateful to have our boys close by and with me most of the time. And I couldn't of made it through some of these hard days and difficult situations that have presented themselves in the last few months without the love and constant support of Trent. I am forever grateful!

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  1. We are still in slow around here and it's a year later! I do mean it. Things are getting harder, not easier. I'm having a tough time right now. I will not let myself focus on negative though. I have got to appreciate the here and now because it is so sweet and precious. Praying daily to do this.

    Enjoy every moment you get with your family right now. And, when you do get to hold your sweet baby, all fresh from Heaven, savor it. It is the sweetest blessing of all. Our children are so sweet, so precious, so special, aren't they?! Truly gifts straight from our Heavenly Father.

    Hugs and Love, Beth!