Friday, October 22, 2010

Homeschool: Week 6 Kindergarten/Preschool

The week is over and I don't know where it went. I literally did not take one picture of what we did, which was not much. Charlie did the basics on Monday and Wednesday and Tommy did a bit of school on Monday as well.

I know that we got a lot done around the house and made final preparations for baby sister come. We bought a new dryer after going to like 10 different stores, more like 3, but it literally took up a whole day and part of an evening to finally get it figured out.

The boys were able to play with some friends when I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and with Nana for most of the day on Thursday.

Today my Dad came for a visit (hooray!!) we got some business done, ran an errand and then met Trent for lunch. Grandpa brought us pumpkins, some cool looking gourds, cornstalks and another decorative plant...what is that again Dad?? It was so nice to see him (YOU!) and the boys were more then excited and talked a mile a minute and couldn't get enough of him. I think that by the time he left he was ready to head back to some peace and quiet in the country :)

Tomorrow, Charlie and Daddy have their monthly class at the Natural History Museum which is on spiders. Charlie has really been looking forward to it. Tommy and I are going to take it easy and probably stick close to home (between having more false labor and blood sugar level drama, I am not going far these days). I would love to do a spider craft with Charlie to go with his class.

And if the weather cooperates tomorrow night then we are going to Magical Whooloween,
which is a fun Halloween family event an our local Metroparks. The highlight is riding the little steam train through the not so spooky forest that is decorated with carved pumpkins. I don't get to ride this year though :(

I think that over the weekend and next week we are going to process the 18lbs of apples we picked last week. Some apple sauce and pumpkins pies are on the menu. Carve our pumpkins and do a bit of dissecting, weighing and exploring the inside and life cycle of pumpkins. I hope to do about 10 phonics and math lessons with Charlie, 1-2 Science lessons with both boys and read a bunch of Charlie's LA stories. Not to ambitious or anything :) That is my goal anyways. We will see what we get done and if Lady Lydic holds off for a few more days.

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