Sunday, November 6, 2011

Down on the Farm

Tommy our little farmer
The theme at Tommy's school has been down on the farm.

Nana and Tommy
He and Nana went on a field trip with his classmates to one of our favorite places, Lakefarm Park.  They got to see all kinds of animals and even took a ride on a tractor pulled wagon!
Tom grooming the miniature horse

Tom in the greenhouse at the farm

Tommy milking a cow
At school the kids made a shape tractor
Shape Tractor
a scarecrow.  I love the eyes on the scarecrow that Tommy drew.  He said it was me, because it was cute.  I also thought he did a great job on cutting out all the shapes for his tractor.  He was really proud of them both.
At home we also did some farm themed activities to tie into what they are doing at school.  I printed out a fun farm unit and Tommy enjoyed helping the animals get back to the barn.  We played a dice and graph game together and Tom matched animals and the products that they make.

Tractor puzzle and matching game
Prewriting practice, graph game and counting numbers

The highlight was making our own scarecrow.  Tommy was really into to it and Charlie was really into wrestling with the poor guy. Penny had fun picking at the scarecrows eyes and nose.  It was a lot of fun!

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