Friday, November 4, 2011

Magic Whooloween 2011

It wouldn't be Halloween without a trip to the Magic Whooloween Event at Penitentiary Glenn Park.  Penitentiary Glenn is part of our amazing Metroparks and it offers so many different activities through the year.  Magic Whooloween just happens to be a family favorite and we wouldn't miss!  This year Daddy and I packed up the boys while Penny stayed home with Nana in her nice warm cribbey.

This year the craft was making spooky trees out of toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and stamps.  Simple and fun!

Waiting for our train ride
The BEST part of the night is the TRAIN ride through the not so spooky forest that is decorated with Jack-O-Lanterns.  It is sooooo fun, even for us grown ups!!
Tommy holding our train sign, we are next in line!! 
Tommy was old enough to ride by himself...He was SO excited.  I was sitting in front of him and heard his little voice "Hey Dada, you doin ok back there?".....SO CUTE!!!   He did great!
Charlie and I had fun getting spooked by all the pumpkins and hanging ghosts. 

After our train ride it was time to grab some hot chocolate and donuts and sit by the campfire for a bit.

After we ate and drank our fill we decided to call it a night.  Within minutes we had little people sleeping in the back of the van.  Something that NEVER happens, so you know they had fun and were worn out.

We can't wait to take Penny with us next year!  I know the boys will enjoy showing her all the fun stuff.

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