Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have been too busy....

Taking the kids and cousins to see STAR WARS in the theater.. GOOD times!
I have been too busy having too much fun to really blog.  Life is at full speed again and I love it!  Today is the first day in what seems a.long.time. that I have one child who is napping and so our home is oddly quiet.  The boys are at school, honey is at work and the dog is outside.  Not sure where Sam is, probably sleeping on Charlie's bed, waiting for him to come home from school. He luvs his boy!

So here are the top 10 things that we have been up to lately:

1.  Penny is WALKING.  I might have mentioned that before, but now she is REALLY walking.  Actually, yesterday she tried to run after Tommy as he squealed with delight and laughed as she caught him.

2.  I organized a donation drive at Charlie's school for some seniors in our area.  Families brought in things like notebooks, kleenex, raisins, stationary, lotion etc.  Then we made Valentine's Day baskets and delivered them to 16 people.  Thankfully we had 2 sweet ladies that also helped with the deliveries!  It was an AWESOME experience!  By our last delivery Charlie really understood why we were doing this.  He commented on how lonely some of the people were and how he knew we made them happy.  He was SO right!  I explained to the boys how God tells us to take care of the widows/older people and how they were doing God's work.  It was a very special experience!

3. Projects, projects and more projects!! I have been bitten by the project/crafty bug and I can't stop!!  Our house has looked like a donation (senior baskets)/craft store for the last 6 weeks.  Perhaps with Valentine's Day over things will slow down.  Oh but wait!!! There is St. Patrick's day right around the corner, Lauren's bday party to make things for AND Tommy's party to plan.  Seriously though, it is my therapy and brings me such joy to be creative and use the gifts that God has given me, especially when they bless someone else!

4.  Travel, travel, travel.  See a theme here?  Trent travels, I have loads of time to craft.  Even though a lonely crafter is no fun :(  Yes, my man has been here, there and everywhere.  He is the man of the hour.  I know it is exhausting, but he is holding his own.  He is so smart and has such a strong work ethic, I just love that about him!
busy loving on each other
5. Teeth!  We seem to be losing teeth around here every time the tooth fairy turns around.  One just popped out yesterday in the car and Charlie calmly said "here momma, one of my teeth just fell out".  What!!! It wasn't even one of the teeth that I thought was loose and there are more coming!!  Have I mentioned that Charlie opts to keep his teeth?  And that the tooth fairy still brings him cold hard cash?  Yeah, she is good like that :)

6.  Cleaning house!  I am slowly getting all the crap out of this place.  Not that it is all crap, but just stuff that we don't need or don't use etc.  If we don't love it, then it needs to leave.  I kind of feel like that in many areas of my life right now.  I feel so smothered by all the "stuff" or "drama" that it clutters my vision on what is true and lovely and holy.  It distracts me and keeps me from doing all things for Him. So, I am cleaning house in more ways then one and I feel lighter then I have ever felt before!

7.  Loving on each other.  We have been staying pretty close as a family, not wondering too far from each other.  We have a loved one that does not have much time left on this planet and it only reconfirms to us how short life is, how often we take it for granted and each other for granted.  Family first, there is nothing more important!

8.  Most days I feel far younger then I really am. Me 36?! NO WAY!!!!  But alas it is true.  Whatever, it doesn't bother me it just amazes me.  So rarely do I have moments where I "feel" like an adult, you know, like a grown up.  I know that sounds crazy because I am married, have 3 kids, run a household, pay bills, etc, but it is true. But both Trent and I had a moment the other day when we felt like we had arrived into adulthood.  Do you know why?  Because we bought our first bed, a king size bed none the less.  Yes, it took a bed to make us feel like grown ups!  It was really a huge moment for us, that sounds silly, but it is true.  Our marriage bed had been my bed since I was like 19 years old or something crazy and GROSS like that!!  Thankfully, it was only a fleeting moment and we now feel back to our normal, young selves :)

9.  Bonding.  I have had the awesome opportunity to bond with a few lovely ladies from church.  They are the light in my day I tell you!!  I can shoot them an email and prayers are flying my way.  I can pick up the phone and chat for a few minutes and feel centered again.  Our relationships are based around God, not about competition, money, or whose kid is smarter etc.  It is SO refreshing and I just love these girls.  I love spending time with them each week, having craft nights together or hanging at their homes.  I feel so blessed to have them in my life and am so excited to see where God directs our friendships.
We have also been comforting a crying, sick, tutu wearing baby.
 10.  Grounded.  I am feeling grounded again, and so I think our family is a bit more grounded as well.  I feel like the "old, new me" is back and the panic attacks are no more.  I am so grateful to have gone through this trial and come out on the other side a better person for it.  I am thankful for a husband that has showered me with his love each day, held me in his arms, comforted me, protected me, and encouraged me.  He has also shared with me his feelings and opened his heart to me.  I just love him and that he has the ability to do that!! He is my rock!

So, that is a little of what we have been up too.

Regular blogging may resume :)

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