Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love You Day

My love
I love any reason to celebrate, to decorate and to create for my family and friends!  So, Valentine's Day is no exception, even though I don't believe that I need a holiday to tell those that I love that I love them!  I hope they know and feel my love everyday!!

Valentines Day 2012 In Pictures

My little love bugs
Candy cane chocolate lollipop arrangements for Charlie's teacher and Principal
Customized hand sanitizer for Nurse Nickki
"You are a CUT above the rest" for the receptionist
Ribbon made for Charlie's teacher
bookmarks made from paint chips for my girls at MM, I put a scripture verse about God's love on the back
Made from a deck of cards, 52 reasons why we love Daddy, and Honey Trent.  I made one for both of them.  All the "girls" and their families contributed to Dads and the boys and I made Trent's.

Love You Day 2012
Heart shaped pasta for dinner
Valentine's all around
Love, hugs and kisses
I love my family!

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