Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bear turns 9

Nine years ago this boy stole our hearts and made us parents.  We were chosen to be HIS mom and dad. To love him, raise him, care for and provide for him. 
Nine Things I LOVE About Charlie:
1. He truly is the sweetest kid and wants to please.
2. He has the most incredible laugh.
3. He is beyond creative and amazes us with all the incredible things that he draws and makes.
4. He is sensitive.
5.  He is so much fun to be around and to do things with.
6. He tries really hard to be a good friend and wants to include everyone.
7. He loves his baby brother and sister.
8. He marches to his own drum.
9. He loves Jesus and isn't afraid to tell others about how awesome God is.

God made you perfectly in His image.  We pray that the gifts that God has given you will only mature and grow stronger.  We love everything about you and are so excited to see what this year holds for you.  I tell you all the time to stop growing and your sweet response is "I can't Mom.  But I will always be your baby!".  You better believe it kid!!!

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