Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Break 2014

The boys went back to school yesterday.  They had had two weeks off for Christmas and then an additional two snow days.  The temperatures were frigid.

We did a lot over their break and then we did nothing at all.  It was a good balance.
Penny saw The Grinch for the first time this year.  She is obsessed.  So much so I had to run out and purchase both the movie and the show.  Throughout the day she will bust into character and my sweet three year old turns into The Grinch.  Cracks me up!
the boys playing pokemon and being super sweet to one another
 We were stuck inside a lot because it was too cold to go outside. Like -12 too cold.  We had to be creative to keep the cabin fever away!
wrestle mania

  Every day was a good day for a dance party. Especially when Daddy joined in! He is the best daddy. He does everything and anything for these babies.  They are so blessed that God choose this man to be their Daddy.
I love having all the children home.  The slower pace, no schedule or lunches to be packed.  Easy lunches together and snuggles all day. 
long, lazy lunches ;)
By Tuesday we were all ready to get out of the house and off to school they went.  I was sad to see them go but also grateful for the long days together.  It just made me excited for summer break.

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