Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend of projects

(Trent building shelves)
This weekend we plunged into some of our projects on the infamous "to do" list. The boys and I started Friday morning pulling out stuff from the garage that we were planning on trashing. Saturday we went and bought supplies for Trent to build shelves and organizational hanging stuff to get things up off the floor. Trent took over the project from there and told me to relax and just "direct". Oh, I love that man! :) There wasn't any "directing" for me to do, as he can be an organizing and building maniac all on his own! Love it!

The boys stayed cool in the pool and monkeyed around while Daddy cleaned and built shelves.

And I started to paint the boys' dresser. This time a bright blue.

Sunday night Trent finished and can I tell you that the transformation is HUGE!! I am so bad about taking before shots, but just imagine only being able to walk about 2 feet into garage. We had SOOOOO much stuff, things that we were just holding on to "just in case" we could use it down the road. 3 trips to the city dump, a tree lawn full of stuff and 2.5 days of working in intense heat....and this is what my honey accomplished!

The picture does not do it justice! We can now park Trent's new car in the garage and everything has its place. The garden tools are hung nicely on the wall, as is the double stroller and single stroller. And the big kid bike we were given is hanging from the rafters. The kids bikes, lawn mower and snow blower are neatly parked under the shelves. Seriously, this makes my heart happy!! Thanks baby you really did a nice job!

And I even semi completed a project that I have been wanting to do. I painted hung up the picture frames and our Lydic, families are forever sign in the kitchen. Now, I just need to pick out 4 family pictures and it will be done!

It feels good to be able to cross some stuff off the old list! Now on to the school room!!


  1. Don't you just love accomplishment like this?! I do:-)!

    Jamie and I are getting some time alone in a couple weeks and are planning lots of stuff like you guys just did. I can't wait to hang recent pictures!!

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