Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Do lists

At the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with ALL that I need to get done in the next 6-10 weeks. Going on very little sleep this week, Trent being out of town for most of it and trying to recover from last weeks cold, I am just trying to keep my head above water. So, my "To Do" list hasn't seen the light of day in a few weeks. I know I can and will get most of it done, and what doesn't happen, doesn't happen. Oh, but how I like to see all the stuff crossed off my list, I am just weird like that :)

I have to say though that I did manage to get a few school related projects done this week and that made me feel really good. But over all I feel like my "list" is winning the battle!

Here is the list as it stands today, July 13th. This is my pre-baby list, not my regular day to day list.

*Clean garage (DONE!!)
*make shelves for garage (Trent) (DONE!!)

*Trip to Ikea to buy school work box systems and other school related items (Mom or Trent coming with me)
*Set up basement as school room
*organize all school related materials
*Find Tommy a school desk
*Finish putting together Raising Rock Star and Raising Rock Star Preschool units for school
*Finish Crafty Alphabet units
*Put together unit organizer (Trent)
*Waiting on Charlie's computer from K12
*Sign Charlie up for his classes at the Co-op(DONE!!)
*Take Charlie and Tommy school supply shopping (I can't wait!)
*order remaining books from the library for school units

*Revamp Budget

*Get crib for baby
*take Tommy's crib down to Papa and Nie Nie's
*paint nursery (Trent)
*pick out colors for nursery
*pick out and buy fabric from rocking chair
*send fabric for rocking chair to Jane
*Jane making cover for rocking chair
*go through crib bedding and save gender neutral items
*buy crib sheets
*buy diaper changing covers
*buy bouncy seat
*pick out and buy curtains for nursery
*make art work for baby
*send address to mom and Jacque for shower
*buy presents from baby to Charlie and Tommy

*move Tommy to big boys room(DONE!!!)
*Candace making book bags for boys
*pillow for Tommy
*John Deere quilt for Tommy (being made from etsy shop)
*move Tommy's clothes to big boy room
*organize Tommy and Charlie's clothes
*revamp hall closet for boys clothes
*get sound machine/cd player for boys room
*Tommy initials for bb room
* go through and get rid of toys
*paint dressers blue

*play October freezer cooking
*list of recipes and meals for freezer cooking
*list of ingredients for freezer cooking
*stock freezer in October before baby

And then a few house projects that I just "want" to do and have "wanted" to do for some time, but never seem to find the time:

*family picture wall in kitchen
*redo family bird art in dining room
*make magnetic board for kitchen out of old frame

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  1. WoW! That is some long To-Do List. I hope that you'll be able to get stuff done. My Best wishes.