Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 pregnant ladies

Syd and I have been friends for about 24 years. Wow that is a long time! We grew up together, got in trouble together, celebrated birthdays together (they are a day and a year apart) and had lots of fun together! Her family adopted me and I spent many a night sleeping at their home, eating brisket with them and always felt loved by them, especially her lovely mommy, God rest Miss Suzi's soul!
Time passed and Syd went off to college, I stayed here. We grew up and our lives changed. In the last 4 years we had lost touch with one another but I often thought of my dear friend and wondered how life was treating her.
By chance we started up a conversation via email or facebook, can't remember which and came to realize that we were both pregnant. She with her first and me with our 3rd. Both expecting little girls.
This weekend Syd and her delightful fiancee, Dan, were in town and paid us a visit. She had only seen Charlie when he was a baby and had never met Sir Thomas. It had been far to long!
Our visit was great over Trent's famous Sunday brunch of chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon...yummmm. It was so nice to catch up and see each others expanding bellies!
I promise not to let another 4 years slip by before calling on my oldest best friend!
Love you Sydley!!

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  1. Super sweet post, great picture too! You are so blessed to have such a friendship. I hope you continue to stay in touch too!