Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My sweet boy

Sometimes I sneak into his room and just watch him sleep. I love to watch him all curled up with Lovie and Kittie and soft pillow in his cozy bed. When he was a baby I would go into his room each night and lift him carefully out of his crib. I would sit and rock him, all cuddled up. I loved feeling his little warm body next to mine, his sweet baby smell and his little head resting against my shoulder.

Now his 5 1/2. FIVE and a HALF!!!! How did that happen? I can no longer rock him in the middle of the night but I do sneak in and cover his little red cheeks with kisses. He will always be my baby, my first baby.


  1. I love this sweet post. You know I do this too and feel the same way. I posted a sleeping picture of my Jesse today and also took another one of him a couple hours ago:-). They are just so sweet and grow way too fast!