Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Trent's birthday was last week.  The kids and I spent the day making cards and a cake for him.  Charlie worked for 2 days on the present he made for him, a dinosaur sticker mosaic picture.  He was really concerned if Daddy was going to like it or not.  He was really proud of it and asked Trent to not take it to work to display but leave it at home where it would be safe.  He is so cute!

We had a nice dinner, Trent's pick of pizza. We sang Happy Birthday and he opened his presents and cards while the kids scarfed down their cake.  Then it was time for everyone to clean up and head up stairs to watch our evening viewing of Little Bear (Daddy's favorite cartoon).
Trent is such a super guy.  He is a wonderful Daddy, playing with the kids and always letting them help out with a project....even when it would be easier or quicker for him to do it himself.  He reads them bedtime books at night and helps Charlie with his nightly reading.  He wrestles with the boys and lets them climb all over him and then laughs as to why they typically only attack him (honey, it is because you let them:).  I just love watching him with our children, it really warms my heart.

And words don't even really do justice to the kind of husband he is.  He is always kind, even when I don't deserve his kindness.  He is always loving to me, kissing me when he gets home or before he leaves.  He always makes sure that we have what we need and works really had to make sure that we have a lot of what we "want" too.  He never complains that I don't have dinner made or that the house is dirty.  He will sweetly remind me if he needs clean underwear and socks or just go down in the basement and throw a load of laundry in himself.

I hope you had nice birthday baby and I pray that your year will be blessed!

I love you!

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  1. Trent sounds so much like my Jamie! We are two blessed women for sure to have husbands and fathers for our sweet children like we do.

    It sounds like he had a super fun birthday, and those cards y'all made are adorable.