Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patricks Day 2011

We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day per se but we had a lot of fun this year with all things Leprechaun and rainbows.  We made some rainbow cupcakes that were awesome!  The boys LOVED these and they were a lot of fun to make, time consuming, but still a lot of fun.   The white frosting was the clouds and the gold sprinkles the are the "gold" at the end of the rainbow.

We also made pots of gold for Miss. S and her family and our cousins.  These were so easy to make, baby food jars for the pots, cotton balls for the clouds, gold foiled Hersey Kisses for the gold and rainbow ribbon.  The kids had fun putting them together and it was another way for them to practice giving.

Mr. Leperchaun also paid us a visit.  I told the boys that he might come and turn their dinner green so they better keep a look out for him. They were both very excited at the possibility. I cooked dinner while they played their Wii game, the perfect opportunity to make the magic happen.  Perhaps I over did it a little much ;)  With spatula in hand I chased the little green man out of our house scolding him for turning the boys' milk and the butter on their toast green.  Charlie thought it was a hoot, Tommy was reduced to tears.  He didn't want his food green (I obliged him and made new toast and poured new milk) and he was scared that there had been a small green, fast man in our house....ooops, bad Mommy!

It was all made good though as Tommy remembered that Mr. Leprechaun left money on Miss S's stairs.  He told me to tell the Leprechaun that he was sorry for not eating his food and to leave money on our stairs "bill money (dollar bills)".  6:30am sharp....we heard the joyful squeals of little boys finding coin money on the stairs.  Tommy told me over breakfast this morning that I am not to scare Mr. Leprechaun away next year, but that he wants to say "hi" to him. 

It was really a fun day!  I hear that in some parts of the country Mr. Leprechaun even used some people's toilets but didn't flush.  I think next year we might have green

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