Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soccer Spring 2011

Tommy has been anxiously waiting to be able to play sports, any kind of sports.  We have been talking about soccer for months now and his turn to play finally came! 

He was right there, chasing after the ball the whole game!

He ran it all the way down the field!

Got a chance to be goalie.

And even got a pep talk from Daddy on the sideline.
 He was so cute in his little jersey and cleats.  We loved watching him and he had a great time.  With having the boys so close in age, they often do very similar things or things together.  And since Tommy is only 4, he often gets to see Charlie doing fun activities that he might not be old enough to do.  I am so happy for him that he finally gets to do something all by himself and that is just for him!  We would cheer and yell for him and he would get the biggest smile on his face and do his cute little tongue in check "I am so proud of myself" face.   That made getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday all worth it!  

Charlie having some fun with a buddy.  He opted to not play soccer this season but instead wanted to take gymnastic lessons.  Can't wait to see his  moves!
Penny not happy that the soccer game is dipping into her morning nap.


  1. Bless Tommy's heart, Beth! I am so glad he enjoyed 'his' sport so much! He looks like he's having fun in these pictures too. My Jack has been begging to play too this past year and will finally be old enough in September for Fall soccer--we'll see how it goes :-)!!