Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 months

Sweet baby girl is 6 months old.  Truthfully, it makes me a bit sad.  Ok, it makes me a lot sad.  I want to stop time or at least slow it down a bit, but I can't.  So, I'll just try to enjoy and cherish each and every moment with this sweet  babe.  And take a 1,000 pictures ;)

What we love about you sweet Penelope Jane at six months is:

*You are still tickled pink each and every time I come and get you out of your crib.  You flash me that ear to ear smile, wrinkle up your nose, and kick your feet.
*You have 2 precious, little white pearly teeth (SLOWLY) making their debut.  I can no longer call you "toothless".  I know, silly little nickname I have always called all our babies during their "toothless" grin stage.
*You are still an eating champ!  You nurse at least 6 times day/night, if not more.  At 4 months I tried giving you solids.  You really were not interested.  At five and a half months I tried again.  This time you were mildly interested and by 6 months you are eating 3 small meals of fruits and veggies a day.  (However, Dr. C just reduced you down to 2 small meals a day and an extra nursing to try and get you to sleep longer at night)

*You roll all over the place.  Gone are the days of leaving you resting on Daddy and Mommy's bed.  You love to roll, but get very frustrated when you get stuck against the side of your bed at night.
*You love, LOVE, love your brothers!  They do this cute little "Penny Dance" with you and you just love it.  They are so sweet with you and always want to hold you, play with you, change your diaper (Tommy) and feed you.  You can't get enough of them!
*You are with Daddy.  You follow him with your eyes wherever he goes.  You are so content in his arms and you get so excited when he comes home at night.
*You usually wake up 2 times to eat during the night.  Sometimes 3 but that is rare at this point.  I love sitting with you in the wee morning hours and know that very soon this time will be over and I will miss it dearly.
*A bit of separation anxiety has set in and you are weary of large crowds.
*You have started to reach for me when someone else is holding you and I!!!
Your sweet little teeth

*Your favorite toys are your bunny lovie that Charlie named Hop-a-Long and a small purple Easter rabbit that Nana gave  you.  Still not a binki lover at all.
*Sleeping solely in your crib now for both naps (9am and 1pm) and bed time :(  Your little bassinet is still by our bed though, because your Mom is silly sentimental like that.
*You weight 19lbs and are wearing a size 9-12 months clothing..
*You are the sweetest girl ever.  Seriously, you are!
We can't believe that you are already 6 months old!!  Time is flying by and we are loving it!


  1. These are some sweet pictures and a post I relate to with a bit of a heavy heart. Sometimes I get so caught up in the kids growing up so fast that I let it take some of the joy out of each day for me. Still, just seems like the days and my kids are passing me by in a flash. So, I relate to this post whole heartedly.

    Penny is beautiful Beth. She is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. I do know how much you are enjoying her. Jamie and I go in each morning and get Jesse up together and he is so, so happy. It's my favorite time of the whole day :-).

    Love this post Beth!

  2. Oh my, her eyes are so gorgeous!!! She's a hearty one just like our little Phineas :-) Love the rolly polly baby skin!