Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 months

How can it be?!  Time seems to be picking up speed.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was typing up Penny's 6 month post....sniff!

Anywho, Miss Penny has been doing lots of fun stuff this month!
*Charlie was laying next to her and when I asked her where Charlie was she looked at him and smiled.  We did this several times and each time she flashed that ear to ear smile his way.  So precious
*She thinks that the baby in the mirror (herself) is by far the funniest thing around.  She loves for me to hold her up to the mirror that is behind her dresser/changing table and she laughs and kicks and squeals.  She even loves to try and slobber kiss the baby in the mirror.
*When she drops a toy off her excersaucer or one of her binks from her bed, she peers over the side of the excersaucer or through the bars of her bed trying to find them.
*Still taking 2 naps
*Still nursing every 3-4 hours around  the clock, eating solids 2 times a day and wanting REAL food like there is no tomorrow!
*Starting to sit all by her big self, though not 100% sturdy and will topple over after a few minutes.
*Loves to roll around on the floor with her toys and her bestie girlfriend Miss E.
*Snuggles with Tommy in his bed when he wakes up from his nap.  Such precious moments!
*Had her first taste of strawberry ice cream and most likely  her last for a long time.  I think it hurt her tummy :(  but boy did she LOVE it!  But the dairy that I have now reintroduced into my diet does not seem to be bothering her at all.  Thank goodness!! I missed cheese! *update:since having the strawberry ice cream her brothers have both fed her their vanilla frozen yogurt and not only does she LOVE it but it has not bothered in the least!!!
*Loves her Daddy
*I think that she is trying to wave "hi" and "bye"
*People always comment on how beautiful she is and how "cute" her cheeks are.  We think so too, but we are perhaps a bit bias :)
 *Still only 2 teeth
*Loves the bath tub
*Her personality is very much like it was when she was in utero.  She is laid back and doesn't make a lot of fuss.
*She still will not take a bottle but we are working on a sippy cup and will drink about 2oz from that.
*Loves to snuggle in our bed in the morning before the ruffians brothers are up.
*Did I mention she loves her Daddy? :)
* Is starting to look like a big girl to me ;(

Dear Sweet Girl,
  I am so grateful that you are healthy and strong, but seriously, please don't grow up too fast.  Ok?!  And I know that you are completely smitten by your brothers, you can't get enough of them, but be careful.  All that batting of eyelashes and the ear to ear smiles you flash their way, could likely go to their heads! 
  We think you are pretty precious!

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  1. These are the two pictures I was referring to in my email of Penny looking so beautiful! She is just precious in every way, Beth!!

    I cannot believe she is already 7 months old. It really has passed fast.

    It is awesome that she likes real food so much! None of mine have ever liked it much and we've always had to literally wean them off of their baby food after they were over a year old!