Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Thoughts: Charlie

I was running around the house today during quiet time when I glanced over at Charlie lounging on the couch.  He stopped me in my tracks.  I took a long look at him and thought "So that is what he is going to look like when he is a teenager".  Seriously, he looked so old and big to me and looking at him gave me the feeling of being a teenager lounging in the summer heat without a care in world.  Not sure I like this growing up stuff.

Besides getting big on us, he has been oh, so sweet.  I just love this kid.  I just love that when I sing him his "good night" song that he has to be looking at precious!  I just love that he is so loving and gentle with his little sister.  I love that he is so creative and is always making cool vehicles and robots out of his LEGOs to show me.  I love that he is my buddy.

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